Download PDF: [S] The Head of Nabi Yahya on a Tray

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Abbas – may Allah be pleased with them – narrates, “Nabi Esa – peace be upon him – and Nabi Yahya – peace be upon him – used to sit among the twelve companions and explain to them the various laws of religion. In this manner, every day they became more educated about religion. One of the laws which were mentioned was that it was not permissible to marry one’s own biological niece. The King at the time also had a niece like this towards whom he felt attracted to. In fact, he insisted that he marry this niece of his. In fact, he was so evil that every day, he blackened his name by sleeping with this niece of his.


However, when the mother of the girl came to know that Nabi Yahya – peace be upon him – was prohibiting such marriage, she then called her daughter and said to her, “When you go again to the King and he asks you whether you have any request, you must inform him that you have only one single request and that is, that Nabi Yahya should be beheaded.”


When she approached the King, she mentioned her request to him and she also mentioned that she did not need anything else. The King then called for a large tray and also invited Nabi Yahya – peace be upon him – to his palace. He was then killed without mercy.


When the blessed blood of this Prophet fell on the ground, it began to tremble. Allah Almighty, in His Divine Wrath, sent Bakhte Nasr to invade this city. Bakhte Nasr was also ordered to slaughter the people in this city until the blood of Nabi Yahya – peace be upon him – stopped trembling. In this manner, nearly seventy thousand citizens were killed.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Sher bin Hosheb – may Allah be pleased with him – continues, “When the King killed Nabi Yahya – peace be upon him – the girl placed his blessed head on the large tray and had it sent to her mother as a gift. However, when the head was present in front of the lady, it continued to utter the words that this King was not permitted for this girl and nor was the girl permitted for the King.  In other words, they were not Halaal for each other. These words were uttered by the blessed lips of Nabi Yahya – peace be upon him – on three occasions. The mother, on the other hand, said that she was now happy that this Prophet had been killed.


As for the girl, she was in the habit of training dogs and she also had the habit of feeding them human meat. One evening as she was walking on the roof, a part of her shawl fell on one of her dogs and this dog in a fit of frenzy attacked this girl. In fact, this dog continued to tear this girl to shreds. All the time, the mother of the girl could only watch in horror but could do nothing. It is also reported that the final part of the body which was eaten by the dog were the eyes of the girl. (Taarik Madina, Dimishq. Al Mustadrak)