Download PDF: [S] The Fear of the Grave

Hadrat Sayyiduna Ubaidullah bin Mohammed Mudaini – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


“One of my friends informed me that, ‘Once I travelled to the area where I had planted my crops and since it was the time of Maghrib, I also performed my Salaah at this place. Near this place there was a grave. When I had completed my Salaah, I could hear someone crying. When I looked carefully, I noticed that it was coming from the grave. The voice was saying, ‘How unfortunate! I used to also read the Salaah and also keep the fast.’


When I heard this, I began to tremble with fear. I then called another person and he also heard the same words. Both of us were then struck with immense fear and terror. The next day, I sat at this place during the time of Asr and after the Maghrib Salaah, I again heard the same voice crying and mentioning the same words of regret. I then returned home extremely worried and concerned and actually had a fever for nearly a month. (Uyunul Hikaayah)


May Allah Almighty in His Infinite Mercy protect us from this in our graves. This also shows that even though a person may continue to perform his Ibadah in this world, but there may be an action which he performs which would continue to haunt him in his grave. This is also a great warning to those who have wrong and corrupt beliefs. Even though they may continue to perform their Ibadah on a regular basis and may even put others to shame, yet, due to their corrupt beliefs, the only person they would be putting to shame is their own selves in the grave.