Download PDF: [S] The Fate of Qaabil

Hadrat Abu Ayub Yamaani narrates from one of his countrymen the following strange incident.


The name of the person was Abdullah. This person mentions that once he was travelling with a group of his countrymen on a boat. Suddenly, darkness appeared in the sky and this lasted for a few days. When the sky cleared, they arrived in a strange village.


Abdullah continues, “I then left the boat to look for some water. I then entered a village in which all the doors of the houses were shut and the wind also made sure that the doors do not open. I called out to someone but no one answered. While I was standing at this spot, I noticed two people riding towards me. Below their saddle, there was a white cloth. They then asked me what I needed and I explained to them what had occurred during our sea voyage. I also mentioned that I was in need of water. They then told to me, ‘O Abdullah, follow the straight road and you will come across a well. You may take water from this well, however whatever you see in the well, you must not be afraid.’


I asked them about the houses which I had seen shut and they replied that these were the houses of the souls. I then went towards the well. When I approached the well, I saw someone hanging upside down in the well trying to reach for the water. He wanted to take some water with his own hands but could not manage to do so. When he saw me, he shouted, ‘O Abdullah! please give me some water.’


I then filled one of the small containers with water and decided to give him the water however, someone grabbed my hands. This person who was hanging the well then said to me, ‘Soak your turban in the water and throw it at me.’ However, when I wanted to do this, someone grabbed both my hands. When I noticed this, I said to the person in the well, ‘You can see that when I want to give you some water, someone holds my hand and when I want to give you my turban which was soaked in water, someone holds both my hands. Who are you and what is the reason that you are in this state?’ The person replied, ‘I am the son of Nabi Adam – peace be upon him – who was the first person to commit murder on earth.’ In other words, he was Qaabil and out of jealousy for his brother Haabil, he had him killed.” (Sharus Sudur, 73)