Download PDF: [S] The Fall of the Persian Empire

Once, Rustam, the supreme leader of Persia was sitting among his subjects displaying immense royal power and pomp when the emissary of Hadrat Sayyiduna Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas – may Allah Almighty be pleased with him, Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughayrah bin Shubah – may Allah be pleased with him – entered his royal court.


The blessed companion, Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughayrah bin Shubah – may Allah be pleased with him, could see that these people were wearing crowns on their head which were studded with valuable stones. They were also wearing clothing which had been stitched with gold threads. The clothing of these people also had valuable pieces of stones which were placed on them. When Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughayrah bin Shubah – may Allah be pleased with him – entered the royal court, he walked on the expensive carpet with his soiled shoes. At the same time, Rustam was sitting on his throne like he was some living god. All around him, his subjects were sitting with their heads bowed. However, the blessed companion did not even concern himself with these people and walked straight towards Rustam and sat next to him. No power in this court could stop him from doing this.


When the subjects of Rustam saw this, they began to boil with anger and ran to Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughayrah bin Shubah – may Allah be pleased with him – and told him to move away from the royal chair. Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughayrah bin Shubah – may Allah be pleased with him – then kicked away one part of the carpet and sat on the floor. He was completely unaffected by what he saw in this court. In fact, he was looking at everything around the court with complete disdain. His looks could also be described as sharp arrows which hit their targets wherever they went.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughayrah bin Shubah – may Allah be pleased with him – declared, “We had heard that you people were very intelligent and clever, however, I have never seen a more stupid nation than you. Among us, even though we are poor, there is equality. None of us worships another person. It was my belief that you people would also have the same concern. However, I can see that you people have made one another your gods and certainly this would not last very long. No other nation had adopted this behaviour of yours. I did not come on my own but was called here. I have also begun to realise that your leaders are not intelligent and very soon you would be defeated. Bear in mind that people who think in the manner would not last very long.”


After Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughayrah bin Shubah – may Allah be pleased with him – completed his speech, there was a revolution among the people present. This could be clearly seen on the faces of the people. They began to murmur among themselves that what this ordinary looking Arab had mentioned was nothing but the truth. They began to mention that these thoughts had always been in the minds of people before this as well. They began to curse the leaders of the past who had done nothing but bring insult to them.


They also mentioned that among the Arabs in the present time, none of this hierarchy was to be seen. The leader and the common man among the Arabs were treated equally. But their leaders were people who sat in separate chambers away from the common people and partook of their own special meals without any concern for the common man. At the same time, as much as they tried to please their leaders, the more they were treated badly by these leaders who thought nothing of them.


This was a serious attack on the culture of the Persians. Every word and sentence had a great impact on everyone present. Rustam also could see that the words of this Muslim emissary had created a major effect on his subjects. This was nothing but the bells of danger which he could see ringing around him. To counteract this, he began to speak about the greatness of his nation and the poverty of the Arabs.


Rustam said, “Our nation has been the rulers of different countries over the ages. We have defeated many and have achieved an eminent status among the nations of the world. No other nation was able to defeat us. If ever we were defeated, this was only for a few moments because of our own deficiency, however, within a few months, we were able to take back control.”


Insulting the Arabs, Rustam continued, “There is no nation more despicable in our eyes than your nation. You have suffered poverty and destitution. In fact, we do not even count you among people or nations. When you suffered from poverty, we helped you with food such as dates and barley and allowed you to return. I am fully aware that the actual purpose of your army in this region is because you are suffering from extreme poverty and destitution. I urge you to return to your country and I am prepared to give your leader a donkey and one thousand Dirhams as a gift. I am also prepared to give each of your soldiers a good amount of dates. Hence, I have no intention to kill you or to imprison you.”


After uttering these words of pride and boast, Rustam remained silent. He was convinced that he had actually revealed the secret agenda of these Muslims and had also achieved his aim.


However, none of these words had the slightest effect on Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughayrah – may Allah be pleased with him.


When Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughayrah bin Shubah – may Allah be pleased with him – replied to these insults, he was smiling. He declared, “Yes, there is no doubt that this was certainly our condition in the past. However, Allah Almighty has sent a Prophet to us who was able to guide us. This Prophet had destroyed all our internal differences and made us into one single community. He had also mentioned that many cities would be captured by us and your land and riches would come under our control. We have therefore come to retrieve all of those things which were promised to us by our Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. Therefore, we give you three options:

  1. Accept Islam. If you do, then all the rights and duties which are applicable upon us will also become applicable upon you. In this way, we will leave you in this manner and you will also control your own government.
  2. Accept to pay the Jizyah. This amount will be agreed between us. We will refrain our hands from attacking you and if you require help in any issue, we will also help and assist.
  3. The third option is war and this will come from your side. Whatever happens will happen through the Divine Will of Allah Almighty.”


When Rustam heard these words, he was extremely angry and shouted, “Tomorrow, when the sun rises, all of you will fall into the pit of death”. However the eminent companion simply smiled when he heard these threats and walked out of the palace.


Rustam then turned to his people and mentioned that he could see tremendous defeat facing them. This is exactly what happened. When we look at the events which unfolded, the entire Persian Empire ceased to exist.


This was the promise that was made to them by the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – and this is what they achieved. Within a few months, all the riches of the Persian Empire came under Muslim ownership. It proved to the world that those who have trust in the Allah Almighty would certainly achieve their goal and target.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Mughayrah – may Allah be pleased with him – was an eminent companion who was considered as one of the great Muslim commanders who conquered Persia. He was also highly regarded for his intelligence and acumen in war. Obviously, the Persians had no trust in the Allah Almighty and what the world saw was the result of this Kufr belief of theirs. Muslims of today should also display the same type of trust in the Allah Almighty and they will also become the world leaders they once were. It is no value to only speak about this. What is important is to be able to live like this.