Download PDF: [S] The Du’a of a Child

In the Sahih Bukhari Shareef, the Sahih Muslim Shareef and various other book of Ahadith, the following story is mentioned.


It is reported that once a lady was breast-feeding her child when a handsome, well dressed person rode past. He looked like someone who was extremely rich and influential and even his horse looked expensive.


When this female saw this person, she made the following Du’a, “O Allah, please make my child like this person.”


However, the child stopped feeding and looking at this person, said, “O Allah! Do not make me like this person.” After that, it continued drinking milk.


A few minutes later, people were taking a female slave and also beating her at the same time. They were also accusing her of stealing and committing adultery.” As they were dragging this female forward, she was also reading, “Has bunallah wa ne’mal wakeel”. When the lady who was feeding the child saw this female slave, she made Du’a, “O Allah do not make my child like this person.”


When the child heard this Du’a, it made the following remark, “O Allah! Make me like this slave.” After saying this, it continued drinking milk.


The mother then asked the child, “O my child! When the rich and influential person walked past and I made Du’a that you become like this person, you completely rejected this, but when a slave walks past who is being accused of committing adultery and stealing, you make Du’a that Allah Almighty must make you like this slave. What is the reason behind this?”


The child replied, “The person who was riding his horse and looking like a rich and influential person, in reality, he was nothing but a tyrant and a most oppressive ruler. This is the reason that I made Du’a that Allah Almighty does not make me like him. As for the female slave, she was completely innocent of these accusations and this is the reason that I made Du’a that the Allah Almighty makes me like her.”