Download PDF: [S] The Black Slave who deserved Respect

It is reported that Sultan Harun Rashid had a female slave who was extremely dark in complexion and not pretty at all. One day, the Sultan presented some money in front of all the females slaves and all of these slaves began to rush towards the money so that they could acquire their share. However, the black slave continued to stare at the Sultan and did not rush towards the money. Someone asked her the reason for this and she replied, “The purpose of these females was to acquire the money and I am only interested in the owner of the money.”


The Sultan was impressed by this female and decided to keep her among his close companions. He also handed her much wealth. There was also a rumour among the close circle of people that the Sultan had been captured by a black female. When Sultan Harun Rashid heard about this rumour, he sent a message to all the nearby Rulers to visit his court and he also commanded all the female slaves to gather at his court.


When everyone had gathered in his court, Sultan Harun Rashid then handed each female slave a container made from ruby and garnet and commanded them to throw this on the floor and destroy it. All of them kept holding this expensive container but the black female slave threw this container on the floor without hesitation. The Sultan then turned to the other leaders present and said to them that even though this female might not seem pretty, but her actions are indeed very noble and pretty.


Sultan Harun Rashid called this female to him and asked her why she had destroyed this container. She replied that this was the instruction of the Sultan and therefore she had no hesitation in carrying out the order. She continued, “I realised that if I broke this container, there will be a decrease in the wealth of the Sultan but if I disobeyed his command, there would have been disobedience displayed for the command of the Sultan. Therefore, I decided that there might as well be a decrease in the wealth of the Sultan but there should be no decrease in obeying the command of the Sultan.”


When those around heard this statement, they agreed with the sultan that indeed this female deserved his respect. (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)