Download PDF: [S] The Benefit of Acting upon a Hadith

Qadi Abu Bakr Mohammed bin Abdul Baqi Ansaari – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


One day, I was in Mecca Shareef and I was extremely hungry. I could not find anything through which I could satisfy my hunger. I then found a small silk pouch and it was closed with a silk thread. I picked up this little bag and took it home with me. When I opened this bag, I found a necklace of pearls which seemed priceless. I kept it on one side and went outside. When I went outside, I saw an old person who was announcing to everyone that he had lost his silk pouch and that he was prepared to give the person five hundred Dinaars who found this pouch.


I thought to myself that I myself am extremely needy but, at the same time, I also thought of the Hadith Shareef in which the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – had mentioned that, “He who leaves something for the sake of Allah Almighty, Allah Almighty will give him something better.”

After thinking about this Hadith Shareef, I returned home and came back with the silk pouch. I handed this to the old man and he insisted that I take the five hundred Dinaars. However, I refused to take this money because I felt that this pouch belonged to him and I had no right over it.


After spending many days in hardship, I decided to leave the city on a journey. I then jumped on a boat that was going somewhere and I had no idea where it was travelling to.


During the journey, there was a severe storm and everyone on the boat was drowned except for me. I then swam to shore and landed on an island which I had no idea about. I then retired to a local Masjid and continued to read the Qur’an. When the local people heard me reading the Qur’an, they were highly impressed and asked me to teach their children. In this manner, I began to earn a small livelihood. Once, they noticed that I could write and they advised me to also teach their children. I was now becoming a very respected person in this village.


They then insisted that I marry a local girl and even though I was hesitant at first, I decided to agree to this. When they brought the girl so that I could see my new bride, I was shocked to see that she was wearing the same necklace of pearls which I had returned many days ago. As I looked at this necklace, the people were confused and asked me the reason, I then related the entire story to them. They all started to read the Takbeer and informed me that before the old man had passed away, he had made Du’a that if there was one person he wanted as his son-in-law it was the honest young man he had met in Mecca who had the decency to return his necklace of pearls.


In this way, because of the Barakah of the Hadith Shareef, I married this girl and we had children. Later, both the mother and the children passed away and I then sold this same necklace which legally came in my possession and today, the wealth that you see is from the sale of that necklace.