Download PDF: [S] The Bedouin keeps to his Promise

During the time of Hujjaj bin Yusuf, many rebellions took place and this was cruelly crushed by Hujjaj bin Yusuf. Once, he defeated a certain tribe, he ordered that everyone should be slaughtered. They then systematically began to kill everyone. One single Bedouin was left and it was the time for Salaah. Hujjaj called one of his trusted advisor’s, Qutaybiyah bin Muslim, and ordered that this Bedouin should remain in his care that night and that in the morning, he was to be presented to Hujjaj.


Qutaybiyah narrates:


I then took this Bedouin with me and walked toward my house. He then said to me, “O Qutaybiyah, if you have even a single part of decency in you, then you would allow me to say something.”

I then asked him to say what he wanted. He replied, “I have in my possession the trust of different people and tomorrow I will be killed by Hujjaj. Is it possible that you allow me to return home so that I can return the trust of people which I have in my possession? I can also return what is right to people and whatever I have to say to those whom I am to leave behind, I can also tell this to them. I also make Allah Almighty a witness and promise that I will return tomorrow.”


I then smiled and thought that this person is taking an oath and this person again said to me, “I am taking an oath in Name of the Allah Almighty that I will return tomorrow.”


This person continued to plead to me and continued to make me listen to his words. I then trusted this person and allowed him to leave.


As he returned home, I then began to regret my action and thought about the consequences of this. I also felt that this person will never return and what will be my state when this is revealed to Hujjaj. In brief, that night was one of the most traumatic nights which I had experienced.  I spend the entire night making Du’a and I was also in sadness.


Early the next morning, I heard someone knock on my front door. I immediately came outside. I was shocked to see the same Bedouin standing outside my door. When I saw him, it was if life had once more returned to me. I then said that I could not believe my eyes. He replied, “When someone makes Allah Almighty his Witness, how can he not return?”


I then returned to the court of Hujjaj and left the prisoner with the guards.


When Hujjaj saw me, he instantly asked me where his prisoner was. I then presented this Bedouin to Hujjaj and also revealed whatever had transpired between me and this Bedouin during the night. When he heard this, Hujjaj began to look at this prisoner up and down. It was as if he was making a decision. Suddenly he shouted, “I have pardoned this prisoner because of you. Whatever you wish to do with him, you are free to do.”


I then took this prisoner and left the court of Hujjaj. I then informed the prisoner that he was free to go wherever he wanted.


When he heard this, he looked at the sky and uttered the words, “O Allah! All Praise is for You and all gratitude is to You.”


Thereafter, he never uttered any word to me or any words of thanks and carried on his journey. I was extremely surprised that this was someone whom I had saved from certain death but he never even thanked me for this favour. I then said that most certainly this person is either mad or insane.


However, the next day, the same Bedouin approached me and said, “My brother! May Allah Almighty grace you with the best of favours. I swear by Allah Almighty as I left yesterday and I was praising Allah Almighty, I did not thank you. I felt that you were thinking very badly of me and the only reason that I had done this is because I did not wish to thank Allah Almighty while also including someone else in this show of gratitude.”