Download PDF: [S] The Barakah through a Wali

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Abbas Mu’addab – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


There was once a Hashmi neighbour of mine whose state had become very dire and he narrates that this is what had happened to him.


He states, “Once a baby was born in our home and there was no food in the house which I could feed my wife. She also mentioned to me that she was extremely hungry and urgently needed to eat something. She also pleaded with me to please bring her some food. When I saw the sad state of my wife, I was extremely disturbed.


After ‘Isha, I decided to go to a shopkeeper. I used to purchase food and other items from him. However, I also owed him some money. In spite of this, I explained the state in my house and pleaded for help. I also promised him that I would repay him as quickly as possible. Sad to say that this shopkeeper completely refused to help me. When I went to another shopkeeper the same thing happened. Whoever, I had hope in I approached these people but none of them were prepared to help me. I had lost all hope and wondered where I would be able to get some help.

In this state, I arrived on the bank of the Dajlah river. I saw a boat in which the captain was calling people forward so that he could transport them to wherever they wanted to go. When I approached him, he brought the boat near the shore and I jumped into this boat. He then asked me where I wanted to go and I replied that I had no idea.


He then said to me, “I have never seen someone more strange than you. You are walking alone so late in the night and have jumped in my boat but, you have no idea where you are going to.”


When I heard these words, I then revealed my entire condition to him. However, after hearing my story, he said to me, “My dear brother! There is nothing to be concerned about. I live in a certain area and I promise that I will do my best to remove your problems.”


He then stopped at a certain part of the river and took me to a Masjid which was situated on the bank of the river. He said to me, “My dear brother, every night the eminent Saint, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ma’ruf Kharkhi – may Allah be pleased with him – performs his Ibadah in this Masjid. Make wudu and enter this Masjid and also ask him to make Du’a for you. Certainly though his Du’a, your problems would be solved.”


I then entered the Masjid after making Wudu and noticed the great Saint standing next to the Mimbar and reading his Salaah. I also read two rak’ah of Salaah, approached him and made salaam. He asked me who I was and I mentioned my entire problem to him. He listened to every word I had to say and then again stood up to perform his Salaah.


The weather was also getting worse and the rain was also becoming severe. I was extremely worried about what was happening at home and that I had travelled quite far. I was also worried on how I would return home. As I was deep in thought, I heard an animal outside. The rider of this animal then entered the Masjid and sat near the eminent Saint.


After he had completed his Salaah, the great Saint asked him who he was. He replied, “Hadrat! I am a messenger of a certain person. He has conveyed his Salaam to you and he had also revealed that he saw himself in a dream and that he was in a good state and he was also able to see clearly the Divine Mercy of Allah raining down upon him. In fact, as much thanks he can give, still, it would be too less. He had also presented a gift in your court and has asked that you please accept this humble gift and he has also mentioned that you were allowed to give this to whoever you wanted.”


When the eminent Saint heard these words, he said to the messenger, “Please hand over all of this money to the Hashmi prince.”

The messenger replied that this was five hundred Dinaars. However, the eminent Saint insisted that all of this be given to me. I then got up and after greeting the great Saint I returned to my house. I also thanked him for his great favour. When I arrived in my district, I went straight to the shopkeeper whom I owed money to and after showing him the wealth which I now had with me, I mentioned that I was now ready to pay him. However, he insisted that I could keep this money until the morning and then he collected all types of food items from his shop and handed it to me. I mentioned that he had given me so much that it would be difficult to carry all of these items on my own. He said that I should not worry about this and also helped me carry these items to my house.


We then continued to my house with him carrying some items and me carrying the rest. When I arrived at home, the front door was also wide open and my wife was so weak that she did not even have the strength to close the door. When she saw me she started to complain about my absence, but when she saw the food I had returned with, she became over joyed. However, I did not mention anything about the money which I had in my possession.


I was also afraid that if I had to reveal this story, she might actually die of a heart attack. I then prepared the food for the evening and we all had a hearty meal for the night. In the morning, I revealed what had happened the previous night. Obviously, the entire family was extremely happy and we all sincerely gave thanks to Allah Almighty for this immense grace. I then purchased a small piece of land so that I could plant some crops and be able to support my family. A few months later, with the Barakah of Hadrat Sayyiduna Ma’ruf Kharkhi – may Allah be pleased with him – all our financial problems had disappeared and we had no shortage of food in the house from that moment onwards. We also made Du’a that Allah Almighty blesses the great Saint with a most eminent position. Ameen.