Download PDF: [S] The Awliya Served the People

It is mentioned that at the beginning, Hadrat Sayyiduna Naseerudeen Chiragh – may Allah be pleased with him – asked his spiritual Master, Hadrat Sayyiduna Nizaamudeen Awliyah – may Allah be pleased with him – through Ameer Khusroe to allow him to live in a quiet and secluded area away from the people.


When the great Saint heard this request, he replied, “Inform Naseerudeen Chiragh that he should live among the people and put up with their oppression and trial and he should then transform this trial and oppression into kindness and humility.”


It is mentioned that Hadrat Naseerudeen Chiragh – may Allah be pleased with him – continued to follow these instructions his entire life. There were also many times when people placed difficulty in front of him, yet he never once complained to anyone about it and he did not slip from his steadfastness on this path. In fact, there were so many people that used to visit him on a daily basis that he did not even have time to sleep or rest.


He once said, “I spend most of my time serving people and I do not even have the time to have a rest in the form of Qaylulah. When I wish to have a small rest, I am told that a certain person has arrived in the Darbaar.” (Taarikh-e-Chist)


It is also mentioned that in the kitchen of Hadrat Sayyiduna Shaikh Bahaahudeen Zakariyah Multani – may Allah be pleased with him – there was always food been prepared in his kitchen. However, his greatest joy and happiness was when he used to join the poor and destitute and partake of food with them.


When he saw someone eating food with great relish and enjoyment, he used to like this person immensely. One day, there were plenty of people eating in the Darbaar and he noticed someone dipping his bread in the gravy and eating. When he saw this, he remarked, “All Praise is due to Allah Almighty. From all of these people this person certainly knows how to eat. The Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has also stated that among food, sareed has the same eminence among food as I have eminence among the Prophets and as Ayesha has eminence over other females.”(Bazm-e-Sufiyah 94)