Download PDF: [S] The Barakah of Takbeer

Hadrat Sayyiduna Mohammed Sameen narrates that, “During the days when I used to practise spiritual penitence, I used to remain steadfast in whatever I performed. One day, I decided to join the Mujaahideen who were fighting against the Romans. At the moment, a battalion of Romans had confronted the Muslims and it was very near that they would defeat the Muslims. When some Muslims saw the large number of Romans, they also began to feel extreme fear and panic. I also became extremely panic-stricken and my Nafs began to make me think about home and the comforts and peace at home. When my inner self or my Nafs began to think in this fashion, I began to scold my Nafs and said to it, ‘O my Nafs which is nothing but a liar, you used to claim that you are able to perform immense Ibadah and you used to also claim that you would be brave in any type of battle, yet, at this moment, you are displaying cowardice and fear. This is the ideal moment when you should display bravery, but you seem to be doing the complete opposite.’


“I then noticed a river in front of me and I thought that I should perhaps make Ghusal in this river. I then made Ghusal in this river and when I came out of the river, my condition and state had completely changed. In fact, in every part of my body, I was experiencing extreme bravery and courage. I had no idea where this sudden change had occurred. I then put on my armour and jumped into the thick of this battle. I began to fight extremely bravely and I had no idea how bravely I was actually fighting. As a matter of fact, I even destroyed all those who stood in front of me and actually ended up at the back of the enemy. I then began to shout out loudly the Takbeer on a number of times.


“When the Romans heard this Takbeer, suddenly they began to panic and they began to think that perhaps another battalion of Muslims had come to the aid of these Muslims. They then slipped in this battle and began to retreat from the battlefield. The Muslims then severely attacked them and through the Barakah of this Takbeer, nearly four thousand Romans were killed in this battle and through the Barakah of this Takbeer the Muslims achieved a great victory.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)