Download PDF: [S] The Awliya Spread Islam

In the present era, the non-Muslims are going all around the world trying to deceive innocent Muslims by bringing in all types of help and aid. They are certainly financially supported by major powers. During times of conflict, they reach out with medical aid, shelter, food and various other items to make life easier but their actual intent is to spread their religion. In other words, when you see their hard and dedicated work, you will have no hesitation in accepting their religion. They go around the world spreading their free Bibles and literature while Muslims in general would be spending their money in frivolous activities as usual. They also offer fantastic financial aid to people who accept their religion. This is the reason that when we look around the world, the only reason that Christianity has spread around the world is because of these nefarious plots and schemes.


There is no doubt that the people mostly accredited with spreading Islam have been the Awliyah. However, they did not have major special funds to do all of this work like the modern day missionary. Did the Awliyah have such modern propagation machinery to do their work? Did they feed people with any ulterior motive or political agenda? In spite of the fact that they did not even own houses or mansions, but the amount of people who accepted Islam at their blessed hands runs into millions.


No Christian mission can ever say that they were able to do for mankind what the Awliyah did for people in the countries in which they arrived in.


Hadrat Khawaja Naseerudeen Chiragh Dehlwi – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions about his master, namely Hadrat Nizaamudeen Awliyah – may Allah be pleased with him –that, “People used to arrive in the blessed Darbaar from morning until the evening. The people coming were much more than the people who brought gifts to the great Saint. Whatever gifts were brought, that in itself was given back to those who brought these gifts.” (Khayrul Majaalis)


The same with the blessed Darbaar of Hadrat Sayyiduna Baba Fareed – may Allah be pleased with him. No one was allowed to leave empty-handed. This was a strict instruction from the great Saint himself.


Hadrat Khawaja ‘Uthman Haruni – may Allah be pleased with him – has stated that, “The great Mashaa’ikh have mentioned that if, for an example, a person is busy in his reading and other matters of Ibadah and a needy person approached him and also wants to meet the Dervish, then it is vitally important that the person leaves whatever he is doing to serve the person and also meet him. As far as the needs of the person is concerned, he should try his level best to fulfil the needs of that person. In the Hadith Shareef, it is mentioned that whoever fulfils the need of his fellow Muslim, Almighty Allah will fulfil his need in both worlds. He will enter Jannah and be among the neighbours of Nabi Adam – peace be upon him.” (Malfuz Khawaja ‘Uthman Haruni)


There is no doubt that the Awliyah have done much more for Islam than any other community among the Muslims. However, today we see that even though the Muslims may have millions and billions in their bank account, but they cannot boast that they can make a complete community into Muslims. As a matter of fact, when the non-Muslim sees the behaviour of the Muslims in the present age, he clearly makes it apparent that this is one religion he would not want to accept because of the way Muslims behave.


At the same time, our appeal to non-Muslims is to be able to differentiate what is Islam and who are Muslims. They are certainly two different things. The blessed message of the Qur’an cannot be compared with the modern day Muslim who put business first and religion second. We have to look at the Awliyah who put Islam first and their own personal desires and wishes a very distant second.


Another important advice is not to feed people with an ulterior motive. Do not feed because you want them to accept Islam or be impressed with Islam. Feed people because you have a genuine concern for those who are poor and destitute.


Remember that for a person to accept Islam is not in your hands. This is something which is destined by Allah Almighty. All we can do is make the effort and leave the rest to Allah Almighty.