Download PDF: [S] The Awliya Feed others

Hadrat Sayyiduna ‘Umar Bazzaaz – May Allah have mercy upon him – narrates that, “I once heard the following story from a person named Mansur. He narrates, ‘One day, during the day of Eid, I went out to catch a few fish and on the road, I met the eminent Saint, Hadrat Sayyiduna Bishar bin Haarith Haafi – May Allah have mercy upon him. He was returning after having performed the Eid Salaah. When he saw me he asked, ‘Today is the day of Eid, yet you are going to catch fish?’ I replied, ‘Hadrat, what can I say, there is not even a drop of flour in my house and not even an item which we can cook and satisfy our hunger.’ He then said to me, ‘There is no need to worry, without doubt the Almighty Allah will provide. Come let us go together and I will also help.’


“I then grabbed the fishing net and walked with him. When we arrived at the bank of the river, he said to me, ‘O Mansur! Make wudu and read two rak’ah of Salaah.’ After I had completed this, he then asked me to read the Bismillah and throw the net into the water. I then did as I was told. A few seconds later, I could feel that something extremely heavy which had become trapped in the net and it was so heavy that I was certain it was a large boulder or stone. As I tried to pull this net out of the water, it felt extremely heavy. I then called out to the great Saint, “O Abu Nasr! Please help me. There seems to be something very heavy which has been trapped in the net. And I am also afraid that this might damage the net.’ The great Saint immediately came to my assistance and together we pulled the net out of the water.


“When we had pulled the complete net out of the water, there was a huge fish which had become trapped in the net. When the great Saint saw this, he declared, ‘O Mansur! Now you can sell this fish and buy some food for your family.’


“Mansur continues that he then decided to go to the market. However, on the road, he met someone who was sitting on a donkey and this person asked him the price of this fish. Mansur mentioned that he was looking for ten dirhams and the person immediately gave him ten dirhams.


“Mansur continues, ‘I then bought some food and went home. Obviously, everyone at home were extremely pleased. After we had eaten, I mentioned to the people in the house, ‘Let us take two pieces of bread and some sweet meat and present it to Hadrat Sayyiduna Bishar Haafi – May Allah have mercy upon him.’ These things were then prepared and taken to the blessed house of this Saint.


“’When I arrived there, I knocked on his door and he asked who was there. I replied, ‘It is Mansur’. He then declared, ‘O Mansur! Whatever you have brought with you, please leave it at the door and come inside.’


“’I then said to him, ‘Hadrat! My entire family has already eaten and we have brought some bread and sweet meat to you as a gift. Please accept this gift.’


“The great Saint replied, ‘O Mansur! If we were able to feed ourselves, this fish would have certainly not appeared. Go and congratulations to you and your family. However, I have no need for this.’” (Uyunul Hikaayah)


Such is the mercy and quality of the Awliya that they are able to feed others but ask nothing in return.