Download PDF: [S] The Awe of the past leaders of Islam

Sultan Tugral Beg, whose full name is Ruknudeen Abu Taalib Mohammed bin Mikaa’el, was the first of the Saljuqi leaders. He controlled large parts of the Muslim world such as Tus, Ray, Nishapur, Balkh, Ghazni, Baghdad and Iraq. At the same time, he was considered a very soft-hearted person and also very generous. He made sure that he performed his five daily Salaah with congregation and used to also fast on Monday and Thursday. Sultan Tugral Beg used to give plenty of charity and took a keen interest in constructing as many Masjids as he could. He used to also say, “I feel embarrassed to build a house for myself when there is no Masjid near me.” He passed away in 455 A.H. in Ray and his body was taken to Merv to he be buried.


In the past, the awe and power of the Muslim rulers used to be firmly established in the hearts and minds of both Muslims and non-Muslims. The non-Muslims, both rulers and common people, used to endeavour to do some favour towards them and used to send many gifts and presents for the Muslim rulers.

The famous historian, Abul Fida, in his journals record an incident which took place in 441 A.H. He records that in this year, the Emperor of Rome sent so much of gifts to that Sultan that it was impossible to estimate the true value of these gifts. The leader of Rome also sent a message that they would consider it a great favour if the Sultan would take them under the protection of the Muslims. Sultan Tugral Beg accepted this request with a few conditions.


One of the conditions was the ruler of Rome have a Jamia Masjid built in which the five daily Salaah and the Jum’uah be performed. This was immediately acceded to, with the result that a very large and beautiful Masjid was built in the city of Constantinople.


A few years later, the Sultan sent his special adviser, Naasiruden bin Ismail, to go and see the city himself and report what was happening. At that time, the leader of Rome was a female. When the emissary went to visit the Jamia Masjid, he was shocked to see that Muslims attended the five daily Salaah and the Jum’uah regularly. He then recited the Juma Khutbah in this Masjid, performed the Jum’uah and also made a special Du’a for the leader of the Muslims. He then returned to his country and mentioned that indeed, the power and awe of Islam had been firmly established in the minds and hearts of everyone and that the symbol of Islam had been established in this country as well.


In fact, such was the power and awe of these rulers that non-Muslims were always ready to accept their preconditions. Unlike today, when we see that it is the Muslims who are going out of their way, even to the extent of selling their Imaan to please the non-Muslim.


This power which was seen by the Muslims of the past was because of their strong Imaan and their firmness in making sure that Islam was practised in the proper manner. Since they had firm belief in Allah Almighty, they lived as leaders and not as subjects. They also established an international law of equality and justice which was never seen. Hence, various powers in front of them had no choice but to bow their heads in submission. (Al Khulud)


When we look at the world today, we will find that various powers that were once super powers no longer exist. The only so-called super power in the world today is the US and it is doing everything to crush the Muslims and especially the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamaah. It knows that only the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamaah is able to guide the Muslims forward. Hence in its evil, it has taken the word “Sunni” and made it into an evil word or a word which implies terrorism. One of the easiest ways of making out this fact in when we see the freedom which is enjoyed by the US in certain countries.


When you see that, you know that millions of dollars are been pumped in that country to propagate the evil mission of the US and Israel. Bear in mind that the Qur’an had clearly mentioned that the Jews and Christians would never be satisfied with us being a Muslim until and unless they do not change us and make us either into a Christian or Jew. Yet, it is sad that Muslims completely ignore this special warning from the Qur’an and openly take these people as their confidants. How can there ever be progress in Islam when the Sunni behaves as a subject instead of displaying the culture of leadership? Even in the present day, this is not too late. Bear in mind that the morning of Qiyamah has not arrived, therefore, we should continue to strive to protect Islam and the true message of Islam as found in the Ahle Sunnah wa Jamaah.