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Hadrat Sayyiduna Nizaamudeen Awliyah – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates the following incident:


In the time of Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – there was a very tyrannical King who had a special idol named Aqlun. He studded this idol with precious stones and forced people to worship this idol. Those who made Sajdah to this idol were spared and those who refused to bow down to this idol were immediately killed.


One day, the King went into the forest and prepared a large fire. He called people to bow down to this idol and made it clear that those who refused to do so, will be burnt alive. When Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – saw this, he was extremely saddened and he also felt that one of the noblest things a person could do at this moment was to approach the King and inform him to stop this act of idol worship. Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – made the intention that he would present the message of Islam to this King. He also made the intention that whatever was to happen to him, he would leave the result of this to the Divine Creator.


Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – then decided to give away all of his possessions in the path of the Allah Almighty until nothing was left and then decided to approach the King. He mentioned to him, “Why are you troubling the creation of the Allah Almighty? At the same time, you are a weak person and also helpless and Allah Almighty is All Powerful all Mighty. He has given you a position and status. Instead of doing what you are doing, why do you not show gratitude to Allah Almighty? Why do you continue to trouble these people and why have you chosen the path of idol worship? Remember that a piece of stone can never be a god. Allah Almighty is fully aware of your Kufr and disobedience, but still he has hidden your faults. You should at least show gratitude to Allah Almighty.”


When the King heard these words of advice, instead of listening, he ordered that a sling be made and that Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – be flung in the air through this sling. Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – was severely injured and his body was bloodied but still through the Divine Mercy of Allah Almighty, he was still alive. Even in this difficult period, he continued to give thanks to Allah Almighty.


Thereafter, a hot iron rod was placed on his head so that his brains could be destroyed, yet, even in this occasion, through Divine Mercy of the Allah Almighty, he was again saved. When people saw this, some of them accepted the message of Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – and some of them kept their acceptance private.


Thereafter, the close associates of the King mentioned to him, “There is no doubt that with the appearance of this person, fitnah has already started again you. Therefore, the best solution is to jail this person and once he is in jail, he should be killed and people would forget about his message. If no one sees him, they will forget about him.”


Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – was then placed in jail and not only that, a large rock was placed on his back. In spite of this, day and night he gave thanks to Allah Almighty.


Allah Almighty then sent an Angel to remove this heavy rock from his back. The Angel also informed him, “Allah Almighty has sent His Greetings to you and has also blessed you with Prophethood. He has also commanded you to be patient in the face of these trials and tests. You should continue to give the people the message of Islam and do not fear the enemies. Even if they kill you four times, on every occasion We will bring you back from the dead. In the end, you will still enter Jannah as a martyr.”


When he heard this good news, he thanked Allah Almighty and again entered the court of the King when there was a public gathering. When the King saw him, he asked him, “I had sent you to jail. Who had freed you from jail?”


Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – replied, “That Divine Being through whom the entire earth and heavens is stable.”


The King then ordered that he be cut to pieces.


When this failed, the King decided to feed him to the lions. In fact, the King had seven lions in a cage which were extremely hungry. However, when they placed Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – in this cage, instead of eating him, they began to bow down to him in humility. Allah Almighty then ordered an Angel to release him from this cage and also make sure that he be given food.


After a short while, he appeared in front of the King again and the King was surprised to see him. The King informed him that he had in fact killed him many times and was shocked to see that he was still alive.


Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – replied, “Why do you look at the person who you claim to have killed. What do you not look at the Divine Being through whom I am a still alive? What am I, He keeps the entire creation alive”.


When the people heard this, they were extremely surprised. One of the close aids of the King then said to Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him, “If you can perform an act which would surprise us, then we would accept your message.”


They then mentioned that they had different boxes in front of them which were made from timber and they wanted him to bring these dead timber back to life. Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – then made Du’a to Allah Almighty and suddenly all of these timbers became lush and green. In fact, fruits even appeared on this trees.


However, when another aid saw this, he shouted that this was nothing but magic. They then decided to lock him up in an empty idol made from metal and place him over a fire.


At that moment, Allah Almighty commanded that a rain of fire balls descended on the city and everyone fell unconscious when this happened. When Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – came out of this metal coffin, he remained silent for a few days without talking to anyone. In fact, he was awe struck by the Divine Power of Allah Almighty.


A few days later, Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – was again commanded to approach the King and give him the message of Islam. When he stood in front of the King, one of the aides mentioned that the only thing which remained was for him to bring back the dead and if he could do this, then they would believe in the Creator.


There was a cemetery nearby and Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – made Du’a and through his Du’a seventeen people were brought back from the dead. They were nine males, five females and three children. Among these people there was also a very old person and when they heard when he had died, they concluded that he was nearly four hundred years old. The close assistant who had asked for this miracle also accepted the message of Islam. However, the King was so furious by this that he had this assistant immediately killed.


When they realised that they were failing in all their efforts, they decided to place Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – in a house in which there was be no food or drink. They chose the house of an old lady who had only one son who was crippled and blind. They also placed a guard near the door so that no one could enter the house.


When Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – entered this house, he continued to perform his Salaah on one side of the house. During the day he kept fast and during the night, he spent every moment in Ibadah. Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – then asked the old lady whether she had any food so that he could make the Iftaar but she replied that there was nothing in the house.


In the centre of the house, there was also a large piece of timber which held up the ceiling. Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – then passed his blessed hands over this piece of timber and it became a large green tree full of fruits. In this way, the family also found food.


When the old lady saw this miracle, she also asked Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – to cure her son. Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – passed his hands over this young man. He regained his vision and was also able to walk again. The old lady then accepted Islam and gave up idol worship. Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – then stayed a few days in the house of this old lady.


One day, the King travelled past this house and noticed the green lush tree which was full of fruits. He mentioned to his aides that he had never seen a tree like this before at this spot and when people informed him about who was imprisoned in this house, he became extremely angry. He then ordered that Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – should be killed, his body torn into pieces, and his body be completely burnt to ashes.


This was then done and Nabi Jarjees’s – peace be upon him – ashes were thrown into the river. However, as his ashes were thrown into the river, the Angels commanded that all of his ashes be brought together because it was the Divine Intent of Allah Almighty that Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – be brought back to life.


The wind then brought all the ashes back to one place. The close aides of the King saw these ashes moving and from this dust appeared Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him.


The wind gathered all the ashes together and suddenly as these ashes began to shake, from the middle of these ashes, people suddenly saw Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – appear. He was also praising Allah Almighty as he appeared. In fact, even before the people could come to the court of the King, Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – was already present before anyone else.


The King said, “You had died and burnt to ashes, how did you come alive? There is no doubt that you are true and everything else is false. There is also no doubt that your Creator has the power and all our idols are helpless. However, at the same time, if I start to worship your Lord then people will start to insult me and also accuse me of not being able to control one single individual. Therefore, if you are able to do me one single favour, it would be better for the both of us. Tomorrow, I wish that both of us should bow down to this idol together and in that manner, all accusations against me would be stopped. Once you do this, I will then divorce myself from worshipping idols and start to worship your Creator. At the same time, I will also destroy all of these idols.”


This was then agreed. The King was very pleased to hear this and also requested Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – to stay with him that night and the next day so that everyone will know that there is now peace between the both of them. He also said that in the morning they would go to the temple and both down together in front of the idol.


Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – then spent the entire night in Ibadah and there was also a female behind him who did the same. When Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – saw this female behind him, he began to educate her about Islam. She then fully accepted Islam.


In all of this time, the true believers were extremely sad while the idol worshippers were very happy thinking that they had finally won. The next morning all of them arrived at the temple. Inside this temple, there were seventy idols which had been decorated with various precious stones.


While Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – looked at this idols, the female who had accepted Islam also came with her little baby. Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – then called out to the little child and the little child replied that he was present. He then asked the little child to come towards him and the little child did as he was commanded. Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – then instructed the little child, “Go inside the temple and inform the various idols that Nabi Jarjees is calling them.”


When the little child did this, all the idols came walking to towards Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him. He then stamped his foot on the ground and all of them were swallowed by the earth.


When the King saw this, he said, “You have misled me and also destroyed all my idols.”


Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – replied, “This was simply to prove that they did not have the power to do anything and could not even help themselves.”


He then grabbed the Satan who was in between these people and said to him, “O cursed person! What is it that you are doing? You will be destroyed and you are also trying to destroy mankind. You will enter the Fire of Hell and you also wish that others also join you in hell.”


Satan replied, “Are you not aware that even if one single person is misled by me, this is one of the most beloved acts in my sight.”


He also mentioned, “Are you also not aware that when Allah Almighty commanded everyone to make sajdah to Nabi Adam – peace be upon him, I was the only one who refused to do so. In fact, I preferred to enter Hell but was not prepared to make sajdah to Nabi Adam – peace be upon him.”


The wife of the King also began to curse Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him.


He also insulted his own wife by saying that he had refused to accept the message Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – for nearly twenty years but she had accepted his message so quickly. He then had his wife killed and all the while the Angels were waiting to take her soul to Jannah.


When Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him – saw all of this, he made Du’a, “O Allah! Please do not take me away from this world until I do not see all of them destroyed.”


As he was making this Du’a, there was a huge lightning bolt and it became dark. A massive earthquake then occurred and the King and all his supporters were swallowed by the earth. No sign of these people remained on earth. (Afdalul Fawaa’id, Malfuz Hadrat Nizaamudeen Awliyah – may Allah be pleased with him, pages 92 to 98. Taarikh Ar Rasul Wal Muluk, Imam Tabari – may Allah be pleased with him, Chapter 2 on the subject of Nabi Jarjees – peace be upon him)