Download PDF: [S] Ten great Advices for Muslims

It is reported that the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – had prepared a large army but prior to the army leaving, the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – left this mundane word.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr – may Allah be pleased with him – was now the leader of the Muslims. Prior to this army leaving Madina Shareef, he gave them advice which if followed by the world, would become a means of great justice.


If these laws are followed by armies in the present time, there is no doubt that the greatness of Islam would be become apparent to everyone. The great Muslim leader stopped the army and declared that he wanted to give them advice on what they should not do when entering any area. Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr – may Allah be pleased with him – mentioned to them:


  1. You must not be dishonest.
  2. Whatever you acquire in war booty, you should not hide anything.
  3. Do not go against any agreement.
  4. When you capture someone, do not cut off any limb of that person.
  5. Do not kill females, children and old people.
  6. Do not burn any date trees (or plantation in general).
  7. Do not cut any trees which have fruits on them.
  8. If there is no need, do not slaughter any goat, cow or camel.
  9. You will meet people who have dedicated their lives to a monastery so do not kill these people and leave them in their state.
  10. You will come in areas where people will present you with food of many kinds and types. When you consume this food, take the Name of Allah Almighty before eating. Now I urge you to depart in the Divine Name of Allah Almighty.” (Al Khulafah Ar Raashideen)


May Allah Almighty showers His choicest blessing on Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr – may Allah be pleased with him. He did not only give advice and guidance to the Muslims, but this advice is applicable to the entire world. The Muslims kept this in mind and with the result, they were able to conquer and subdue many nations that stood in front of them. This is the very basis of Islamic education and anyone with any common sense will certainly appreciate this advice.


We should certainly look carefully at the teachings of the Islam and look at the immense guidance which it has within it. Islam is religion which wishes to educate people about what is true humanity and human greatness. When we are aware of the actual laws which guide a Muslim in battle, we can safely say that no one in any Muslim country is fighting in the manner which Islam has taught them. Therefore, we can safely say that there are no true Mujaahideen in the world today.


Hence, we see that Muslims are being slaughtered all over the world. When you do not respect the basic laws of Islam when it comes to Jihad, how can you ever hope to achieve true victory and success? When we look at the last true Jihad which took place in Afghanistan, we will see that a small country was able to defeat a super-power simply because they were fighting in the name of Islam.


The Russians on the other hand were throwing people from their helicopters and in the end, they had to face humiliating defeat. As a matter of fact, until the present day, Russian soldiers are still traumatised by what happened to them in Afghanistan. If Muslims are able to understand these laws of Islam, then victory will always be theirs and if they divorce themselves from the true manner in which Muslims take part in Jihad, then there will always be defeat in their destiny.