Download PDF: [S] Reward for the Huffaz

It is reported that once in the Haram Shareef, there was a great amount of expensive clothing and material in a great heap. A great amount of money that was kept on one side of this material. Why was this material found at this place? Who was the owner of these goods and what was the purpose of these items was something that everyone was asking.


This incident took place in 42 A.H. when among the Hujjaj, a person named Abu Rabee also appeared. When he saw all these expensive material and money placed in the Haram Shareef, he asked someone, “What is all this?”


He was told that, “The actual owner of these items is someone from Khuraasan. His name is Ali Zarraad. He is a very wealthy trader and also extremely generous and kind. The previous year, he had given one of his agents plenty of material, clothing and money and the agent was told to distribute all of this among those people among the Quraish who were Huffaz of the Qur’an. This person then brought these items in the Haram Shareef and he publicly announced that all those people among the Quraish who were Huffaz were welcome to come and take whatever they wanted.


“However, there was no one at that time among the Quraish who could take advantage of this. Yes, there was someone from the Banu Hashim who was a Haafiz of the Qur’an. This person then came forward and took a large part of these items with him. The agent of Abu Zarraad then returned with the balance of the items.


This year, the same has happened and the same agent of Abu Zarraad has appeared with plenty of clothing and money to distribute among the Huffaz. However, this year, there has been great joy because many of these youth have become Huffaaz and most of them have already taken their share back home. In fact, in spite of the fact that many of the Huffaaz have already taken whatever they wanted, there is still plenty of material and money which has remained. And this is what is seen at this moment.” (Akhbaarul Azkiyah, Ibn Jouzi)