Download PDF: [S] Reward for Charity in the Path of Allah

It is reported that once a poor person, his wife and children remained hungry for nearly three days. One day, his wife said to him, “Are you not able to see the faces of these young children and that their faces have become red with hunger and it is extremely difficult for them to continue to have patience.”


The husband replied, “I have continued to walk around the town looking for some work, yet without any success. No one is even prepared to help with anything. Through the state of these young children I am also extremely anxious.”


His wife then took one of her possessions and handing it to him, she said, “Take this and sell it and whatever you receive, buy some food for these young children.”


The husband then took this to the market place looking for a buyer. He sold this item for two Dirhams and then went to the market place to buy some grain to feed his children.


However, on the road he met a person who was saying, “Please give me two dirhams for the Divine Pleasure of Allah Almighty and due to love for the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.”


This poor person then handed this man these two dirhams.


Thereafter, obviously, he was extremely embarrassed to go back to his family and he was afraid of what they might say to him. He was extremely worried and decided to go to the local Masjid.


When it was dark, he returned to his family. His wife asked him what he had done with the possession which she had given him. She complained that the children were now extremely hungry. However, the husband explained exactly what had happened and that he had sold this for two Dirhams and had given a beggar these two Dirhams. When his wife heard this reply, she said, “If you had done this in the Divine Name of the Almighty Allah then indeed, this is a noble act which you have committed.”


She then gave her husband another of her possession and told him to go to the market place and sell this item as well and also buy some food.


However, no one was prepared to buy this item from him and he was even more saddened. He then decided to return home. On the way, he saw a fisherman who had a large fish with him. He was calling people to buy this large fish. This poor person then approached him and asked him to trade his fish for his wife’s possession. This fishmonger was very happy to do so and decided to give the poor person this fish.


The poor person was now very happy and decided to take this food home realizing that he would now be able to feed his family. When his wife saw this fish, she was extremely happy and decided to clean it immediately. As she tore open the stomach of this fish, she found something which looked like a piece of shiny stone.


Her husband then took this stone to the market place and realizing that it was a very expensive piece of pearl, they gave him fourteen thousand Dirhams for this. He then took this happily to his family. As they were sitting happily among themselves, suddenly they heard a knock on the door.


There was a person standing at the front door. He said to the person, “O Slave of Allah Almighty! Whatever Almighty Allah has given you, please also give me something from it as well.”


The once poor person then took this money to the front door and said to the person, “We have decided to keep half for ourself and we also prepared to give you half of this wealth. If you are happy with this, then fine, if you wish for more, then too, we are prepared to give you even more from our share.”


He also said that he was happy and they should keep this money until he returns with a bag. The person then stood waiting, but the beggar did not return with his bag to carry away his share.


The same night, while this person was asleep, he saw a person in his dream saying to him, “O fortunate person! I am not a beggar. I am an Angel and Almighty Allah has sent me to you so that the wealth which He has given to you, He could also test your patience. I also wish to inform you that Almighty Allah has also accepted the two Dirhams which you have given in His Path and in place of these two Dirhams, He has bestowed fourteen thousands Dirhams upon you. And in the Hereafter, He has prepared such bounties for you which no eye has seen or no ear had heard of. No heart has even thought about these bounties. There is also no doubt that you were also sincere in your action of giving to someone less fortunate than you. Almighty Allah does not disappoint anyone who behaves in this manner. He has also in many of the Books which He has revealed stated that He has overpowered three things with three other things. He has blessed the heart of people with Sabr or patience or else, if the heart of a person did not have this quality, it would certainly die. He has also bestowed a foul smell on a deceased person because if He did not do this, then many people would refuse to bury the dead. And He has also placed a worm in grain and if this was not the case, then the kings would begin to hoard this as they hoard gold and silver.”


In this manner, Almighty Allah has allocated that certain things be destroyed with objects so the rule of equality and justice be maintained at all times. There is no doubt that what has been mentioned in this statement is something which people should ponder upon and also be able to understand that when you give something in the path of Allah Almighty, it certainly increases and does not decrease.