Download PDF: [S] She Lost her only Son

A certain Saint narrates:


Once, after completing the Hajj, I decided to return home. While I was planning to return, I noticed a young man who was looking very frail and weak and it seemed like he was on his last few breaths. He was also surrounded by people. He was asking, “Can anyone of you deliver my message to an old lady who took care of me my entire life and also made sure that I grow up in a most respectful manner. Right now, she wishes to see me. Is there anyone that can do me this favour and earn immense reward from Allah Almighty?”


He also said, “If anyone of you can reach this old person, he should also mention to her that her son did not break his pact and promise with Allah Almighty.”


I felt extreme pity for this person and approached him. I took the letter from him and asked, “What restricts you from visiting your old mother?”


He replied, “When destiny has prescribed a person’s time, what can he do. I left my home with the intention of returning but did not realise that I would not return. At the same time, I am also hopeful that I would finally meet her in the Hereafter.”


After saying these words, he screamed out aloud and fell unconscious. When everyone gathered around him, he regained his senses and declared “Death is something that has been promised will certainly occur. The grave is near and a person has to travel to the everlasting life of the Hereafter.”


He again screamed aloud and his soul left his body. We then performed his last rites and had him buried. We then travelled towards Basrah. When we arrived in the city, the family and friends of the arriving travellers were all present to meet and welcome them.


However, behind all of these waiting masses, there was also an old lady whose eyes were also very weak. She was busy in the Dhikr of Allah Almighty. She was walking forward and saying, “Has the time not arrived for that person whom I have been waiting for? Is there anyone in the caravan who can inform me about his state and condition?”


She then asked whether anyone in the caravan had brought a letter from her son who had left a long time ago.


I then approached this old lady and said to her, “O frail and sad female! I have in my possession the letter of that young man. He was complaining of how far he was and had also mentioned that his family was also in this city. He also wanted to meet his mother whom he missed.”


When I mentioned these words, the old female screamed and said, “This is indeed the description of my son who was a traveller.”


She then took the letter from my hand and began to kiss the letter and also placed it on her eyes. She then asked me about the condition of her son and I explained to her that he had passed away. When she heard this sad news, she wept a lot and raising her head towards the sky, she made Du’a, “O my Lord! I was happy to live in this world because I had the hope of meeting this son of mine. However, now I have no need to live in this world.”


She then gave a loud scream and fell to the ground and passed away. I then decided to arrange her last burial rites when I heard a Voice from the heavens saying to me, “Stop, in this respect, this duty has not been given to you.” (Ar Roaud Al Faa’iq)