Download PDF: [S] She Donated her son to Allah

It is mentioned that when the great Saint, Hadrat Sayyiduna Sufyan Thouri – may Allah be pleased with him – reached the age of fifteen, he said to his mother, “O my mother! Please donate me to the Path of Allah”.


His mother replied, “O my beloved son! The types of gifts which are given to great Sultans is something which is fit for their status and position. And you do not possess such qualities which is fit for the Divine Being of Allah Almighty.”


The son felt extreme embarrassment when he heard these words. He then entered his room and spent five years in Ibadah in that one room. His mother than approached him and noticed that her blessed son was busy in Ibadah and at the same time the signs of greatness were already becoming visible on his blessed face. She then kissed him on his blessed forehead and declared, “O my blessed son! Today, I donate you to the Divine Path of Allah.”


He left his house and spent the next ten years in travel and continued to increase in his Ibadah. He had a strong wish to see his mother. He then walked towards his house. He reached there very late at night and when he stood at front of the door, he knocked on the door. His mother who was behind a pardah the declared to him, “O Sufyan! Whatever is donated in the Path of Allah Almighty is not taken back. I have presented you in the Name of Allah Almighty. I only wish to see you in front of Him.”