Download PDF: [S] Salaah on Waves of the Sea

Hadrat Sayyiduna Haarith Awlaasi – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


One day, I was travelling from Mecca Shareef towards Syria. I saw a caravan and approached it and found that everyone was busy in their own conversation. I then greeted them and asked then whether I could join their caravan. They mentioned that it was my choice if I wanted to join them.


As this caravan continued, each person began to depart at his point until finally, there was only one person left in this caravan. He then asked me where I was travelling to and I said I was travelling to a place called Ko-e-Lakaam and that I was going to meet Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Sa’ad Alawi – may Allah be pleased with him.


My companion then stayed with me a few days and he then also departed to his own destination.

When I reached the city of Awlaas, I then went towards the ocean. I found a very strange sight. I saw a person reading his Salaah above the waves in such a peaceful manner as if he was on the ground. When I saw this sight, I obviously became very spiritually ecstatic and when this person noticed that there was someone nearby, he quickly completed his Salaah and turned towards me. When I saw him, I immediately recognized him. He was in fact Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Sa’ad Alawi – may Allah be pleased with him. He told me that I should leave this place and only return after three days.


I then left this place and as per his instructions, I returned to this place three days later. I saw that he was again reading his Salaah above the water. When he heard my footsteps, he quickly completed his Salaah and then taking my hand, he drew me towards the water. He then began to read a few things very silently and I began to think that perchance, today was the day when I will also be able to walk on this water.


As I thought about this, I noticed two giant serpents appear in the water and with their mouths open, they began to come towards us. I thought that if there were hunters nearby, certainly they would have been able to capture these creatures.


As soon as this thought appeared in my heart, both of these serpents suddenly disappeared. Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Sa’ad Alawi – may Allah be pleased with him – then looked at me and said, “Depart from this place and continue to be in seclusion in the mountain. Think very little about the world. Whatever you receive make Sabr on that until the time comes for you to leave this world.” As he gave me this advice, he then retired to one corner to continue his Ibadah. (Uyunul Hikaayah)