Download PDF: [S] Rabia basariyah and Jannah

It is reported that once Hadrat Sayyidah Rabia Basariyah Radi Allahu ‘Anha walked past someone who was remembering and mentioning Jannah and the bounties which Allah azza wajal had created in them. She then remarked, “How long will you continue to forget Allah azza wajal and continue to remember something else? May Allah azza wajal have mercy on you! You should first acquire the closeness of Allah azza wajal and then look at Jannah.”


This person replied, “O insane woman, go away from here.”


She declared, “I am not insane. An insane person is that person who does not understand my words. Remember that Jannah is a jail if there is no closeness to Allah azza wajal achieved in this. In the same manner, Hell is also a garden if Allah azza wajal is one’s Helper and Supporter. Have you not seen that when Nabi Adam Alayhis Salaam was in Jannah, he used to eat and drink and when he approached the tree, the same Jannah became a jail for him? In like manner, when Nabi Ebrahim Alayhis Salaam kept the Divine Secret, he became a beloved and close servant of Allah and when he was placed in the fire, this same fire became a means of peace and tranquillity for him.” (Ar Rouad)