Download PDF: [S] Persian Emissary about Islam (Islamic story)

It is reported that when Madaa’in was captured by the Muslims from Persia, the leader of Persian could see that the rest of his country was in danger of being overrun so he sent an emissary to China seeking aid. Obviously, during those days, kings used to seek the help of other kings when they were in deep trouble.


There amazing victory of the Muslims can be summed up in the following words which were discussed between the leader of China and the emissary of the Persian Empire.


Chinese leader: When these people make a promise, do they fulfil it?


Persian emissary: Yes.


Chinese leader: Before they enter into battle with you, what advise do they give you?


Persian emissary: They give us the choice of accepting one of three conditions. The first is that we must accept their religion. And if we accept their religion, then both of us would be equal. We will have the same rights as they have and whatever responsibility they have, we will also have the same responsibility. The second is that we should give them Jizyah. The third and final option if the first two is not accepted is to prepare for war.


Chinese leader: How do they obey their leaders?


Persian emissary: They obey their leaders in the most obedient of manner.


Chinese leader: What are those things which they consider as Halaal and Haraam?


Persian emissary: They consider the following as Halaal (and he explained these things) and the following as Haraam (which he explained).


Chinese leader: Those things which they consider as Halaal, do these things sometimes become Haraam and those things which are Haraam, do these things sometimes become Halaal?


Persian emissary: Never.


Chinese leader: Listen very carefully, as long as these people do not make those things Halaal which are Haraam and vice versa, you will never be able to defeat them. Explain to me about their clothing.


Persian emissary: The wear such types of clothing (and he explained this to the Chinese leader).


Chinese leader: What type of horses do they use?


Persian emissary: They used Arab stallions.


Chinese leader: This is indeed a very valuable and sturdy animal.


After listening to all of these words, the Chinese leader then sent a special letter to the Persian leader. In it, he mentioned, “I can send such an army to you in such great numbers that the beginning of this army can be in Merv and the last part of this army can be in China. However, the only restriction to this is the description of these people which has been given to me by your emissary. I can see from the description of these people that if they wish, they can uproot a mountain and throw on one side. I can also see that there is a great possibility that they will even enter my country and defeat my armies as well. Therefore, my best advice to you is to make a pact with them of friendship and as long as they do not interfere with you, you should not interfere with them.”


These are the descriptions of the early Muslims given by their enemies. These are the blessed Muslims who walked through other empires as if they did not exist. (Al Khulud)


If we look at our state today, the complete opposite becomes clear. When we promise, we break our promises. We run after the world in the idiotic of manner, yet the Qur’an has described the world as “nothing”. In other words, we have become so “intelligent” that we run after nothing and at the end of the day, believe that we have done something good. If there is a problem that can be sorted, we will place the rifle on the shoulder of another and then shoot so that no one accuses us tomorrow. How can we truly achieve the greatness of the Muslims of the past when we do not even bother about our Muslim neighbor, leave alone an oppressed Muslim who may live in some remote island or far off country?


Everyone reads the Hadith Shareef that we are supposed to be one body, but the true believers have become so fragmented that they have completely fallen into the trap of borders which the West had created. The biggest joke is that we all say that the West is the greatest enemy and yet, we make sure that we support the West in its plan of divide and rule. We educate people on how we should dress and completely ignore those who have no clothes but we claim that we are following the Sunnah. We spend millions on frivolous activities and then say that there is no Barakah in the world.