Download PDF: [S] He used his Wealth in the best manner

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Husain Ahmed bin Husain Waa’iz – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions the following incident.


Once, ten thousand Dinaars was kept with Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Abdullah bin Abu Moosa Hashemi – may Allah be pleased with him – in trust. However, he then experienced immense poverty and in fact, he actually began to starve. He was then forced to use this money of the orphan which had been kept in trust with him. When the orphan reached maturity, the Sultan ordered that the money of the orphan be given back to him.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Moosa Hashemi – may Allah be pleased with him – explains, “When I received this news, I was extremely worried and stressed. In fact, in spite of the world looking so large, it looked very small to me. I had no idea where I was going or where I was coming. I also had no idea how I would be able to fulfil this trust. In this stressful state, I one day left home while riding my donkey. I intended to go to Karkh with the hope that there would be some solution found at this place. I also did not even concentrate on where my donkey was going to instead of Karkh, I ended up in Saluli. The donkey stopped in front of the Masjid in which Hadrat Sayyiduna Da’laj bin Ahmed – may Allah be pleased with him – used to perform the Salaah. I then entered that Masjid and performed the Fajr Salaah behind Hadrat Sayyiduna Da’laj bin Ahmed – may Allah be pleased with him.


After the Salaah, Hadrat Sayyiduna Da’laj bin Ahmed – may Allah be pleased with him – came to greet me and invited me to his house. While we were sitting, one of his female servants laid the eating cloth and brought forward some very tasty looking dishes. There was also a special meat dish which was mixed with maize.


The eminent scholar asked me to eat but I only managed to eat a few morsels. I had no appetite to eat any more. When he looked at me and saw my concern, he asked, “Why are you not eating and why do you look so worried?”


I then mentioned the entire incident to him. I also mentioned that my greatest concern was where I would be able to bring this ten thousand Dinaars from.


After Hadrat Sayyiduna Da’laj bin Ahmed – may Allah be pleased with him – heard my story, he mentioned to me, “Do not be concerned. Eat properly, all your problems will be sorted out.”


Sweet dishes were brought and we ate together. After washing our hands, he ordered his female slave to open a certain door. When she opened the door, I was shocked because the room was filled with bags of Dinaars. He then took a certain bag and placed it in front of me. When he opened the bag, it was filled with money. He then ordered the servant to weigh the bag and it was exactly ten thousand Dinaars. He then ordered me to take the bag and settle my debt. I promised him that this was a debt which I owed him and that I would certainly repay him this debt.


I then departed from that town. After I reached home, I placed a green shawl over me and went to the court of the Sultan in immense joy. I then said to the Sultan, “There are certainly a few people who have spread rumours about me that I have eaten the wealth of an orphan. However, I am now presenting this in front of you.”


When the Sultan saw this, he called the Qadi and the complete record of this was cancelled. The money was given to the orphan. I was then allowed to return home.


However, when I reached home, a certain rich person called for me. This person then said to me, “I have a piece of land which I am prepared to give you as a shareholder. Whatever you plant on this land, at the end of the year, we will split the profit.”


I was very pleased with this and began to take care of this farm. At the end of the agreed period, I handed the crop to him and I had also entered a three year agreement with him. After three years, when I added my profit, it totalled thirty thousand Dinaars.


I then took ten thousand Dinaars and went to see Hadrat Sayyiduna Da’laj bin Ahmed – may Allah be pleased with him. I performed Fajr Salaah behind him and after Salaah, he once again took him to his house. We then ate breakfast and obviously, at this time, I ate very happily. After eating, he asked me about my state and what was I doing.


I then mentioned to him that through his kind help, all my debts had been settled and right now, I am the owner of thirty thousand Dinaars and that I had come to give him his ten thousand Dinaars.


After hearing this, Hadrat Sayyiduna Da’laj bin Ahmed – may Allah be pleased with him – replied, “I swear by Allah that when I had given you the money, I made an intention of not taking this money back. You may return with this money and spend it on your family”.


When I heard this, I was shocked and asked him how come he had so much of money with him.


He then explained his story. He mentioned, “I had become a Haafiz of the Qur’an at a very young age. I had also memorised many Ahadith and through this, I had become a little famous. Once, I met a very rich sea merchant and he asked me whether I was Da’laj bin Ahmed. I replied that I was him. He then said to me, ‘It is my intention to give my wealth to you so that you may continue some business. Whatever profit you make, we will share half each. You are free to do as much business as you can with this wealth.’ He then handed me a large amount of money and said to me, “Take all of these monies with you and begin your business. At the same time, keep a certain portion of wealth on one side. If you feel the need to spend this for a special reason, you are free to do so. At the same time, if you find someone who is entitled for help, you are free to help that person.’


“I then started a small business and whatever I received, I used to send half to him. However, instead of keeping it, he used to add even more money to this and send it back to me. This carried on for a number of years. In the final year of our agreement, this person came to see me. He then said to me, ‘On most days, I am at sea and death can come at any time. Whatever time has been recorded for me that is the time when I will leave this world. You are therefore free to keep all of this wealth. You may give it away in charity, you may build Masjids and spend it on other good deeds or actions.’


“After saying these words, he then departed after leaving all of his wealth with me. This is how all of this wealth has come into my possession. I am also free to spend it wherever I wish.”


After revealing this amazing story to me, he declared, “O Abu Moosa! As long as I am alive, you must never reveal this to anyone.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)