Download PDF: [S] Enemy was a Source of his Salvation

It is mentioned that there was once a person named Taariq Saadiq. The reason that he was given the title “Saadiq” is also quite interesting. It is reported that he became disabled as he did not see where he walking and fell into a well. Moments later, a few Hujjaj also walked past this same well and when they saw its dangerous opening they decided to cover the opening so that no one falls in by mistake.


Taariq Saadiq then continues, “As I was in the dark well, suddenly I could see two lights before me. I then began to look around using these lights”.


He saw a large serpent which was coming towards him and he realised that this was the moment of truth. He thought that the minute the serpent reaches him, it would eat him. Suddenly, the serpent made itself into a ball shape. It cleared the entrance of the cave and then returned and threw this person out of the cave. As he was outside, he heard a voice saying to him, “It is the Divine Mercy of Almighty Allah that He has made your enemy the source of your salvation.” From that moment onwards, the people kept his name “Saadiq”.