Download PDF: [S] A Disobedient Wife

It is reported that once a young man in the Bani Israel became very ill and his mother took an oath that if her son became well, she would leave the world for seven days. Almighty Allah then blessed her son with good health but she did not complete her vow.


One day, while she was sleeping, someone appeared in her dream and informed her that if she does not fulfil her vow, terrible calamity will befall her and her family. In the morning, she called her son and revealed the entire story to him. She asked him to dig a grave for her and bury her in this grave. After her son had covered her grave and she was alone in the grave she called out, “O Allah! I have fulfilled this vow according to my means and power. Therefore, please protect me from the calamity of the grave.”


Suddenly, she saw a light in her grave and also a slight opening. When she looked through this hole, she could see a garden. In this garden there were two females. They called out to this lady to come and join them. The opening suddenly became larger and this old lady was able to join these two females. As she came nearer, she noticed that there was a clean well and both females were sitting near this well.


When she came in front of these two females, she greeted them but they refused to return her greeting. She asked these two females why they did not return her greeting even though both of them could speak. They replied that Salaam was obedience and Ibadah and they were prohibited from obedience.


Suddenly, she saw that on the head of one of these females, there was bird which was flapping its wing and giving a cool breeze to this one female. On the head of the other female, she saw a bird that was knocking the head of that female with its beak all the time. She then asked the first female how she had gained such a blessing and she replied, “I had a husband in the world and I used to obey him. When I left the world, my husband was still happy and pleased with me. Hence, Almighty Allah has blessed me with this Divine Grace.”


She then asked the second female the reason for this punishment and she replied, “Even though I was good person in the world, but I used to be disobedient to my husband. I left the world in such a state where he was angry and displeased with me. Hence, because I was a good person in the world, Almighty Allah has made my grave very expansive but due to my disobedience to my husband, I have to suffer this punishment. I also request you that when you return to the world, you must please seek the forgiveness of my husband on my behalf and perhaps, he might just become pleased with me.”


When seven days had passed by, the two females asked the old lady to return to her grave because her son would be searching for her. When the old lady returned to her grave, she noticed that her son was busy digging up her grave. Her son then returned home with his mother.


Obviously, the old lady became very famous when the news of the incident was spread around the town and many people came to visit her. The husband of that female also came to see her who was displeased with his wife. She then related the story of his wife to him and through her intercession, he forgave his wife.


One night, while she was sleeping, she saw the same female in her dream who informed her that because of her kindness her punishment had been removed and she also made Du’a to Allah Allah that this old lady be well rewarded. (Nawaadir Al Qalyubi)