Download PDF: [S] Islamic Propagation is Required (Islamic story)

One of my friends revealed the following story to me. He mentioned:


Once I decided to travel to Africa with the purpose of visiting some of the refugee camps in a certain town. My purpose was also to see how I could help and how these people could be better protected. Obviously, the journey was very long and extremely tiring. We landed in a very small airport. The roads were narrow and small. However, my host was extremely entertaining and pleasant. He warmly welcomed me and we travelled to a small village outside the town. When we reached this place, I noticed that a special tent had been set up for me. As for a bed, a little grass was placed on the ground and a piece of cloth was placed over this. When I entered the tent, there was no light and no other facility.


While I lay on the grass bed, strange thoughts appeared in my mind. When I realised the state of this place, the first thing that entered my mind was to get out of this place as quickly as possible. This was somewhere where there were no lights, no electricity, no proper water supply, etc. At the same time, I also began to think very highly of myself. I thought that no one had ever come to this place before and I was certainly a great Mujaahid to do this. I had also come here with the purpose of spreading Islam and certainly, there was no one like me in the world at this time. I kept thinking in this fashion and dozed off. In the morning, my host awoke me to take me to another village nearby.


As we entered this village, I noticed that nearby there was a well and the entire village was gathered around this well. There were ladies, men, children, both old and young all gathered around this well waiting for their turn to take water. All of these people were blacks but in the middle of this group, I noticed a young white female. I was certainly shocked to see this person in this group.


I then asked my host who this person was. He replied, “This young female is from Norway. She also works for a certain Christian mission in that country and has been in this village for nearly six months. She has remained in this same village. She wears the same clothes as these people, she eats the same food and mixes with everyone. Every evening, she calls all the females together and teaches them about Christianity. She also takes care of the orphans and the widows among the villagers. The people have become so close to her that they are prepared to listen to whatever she has to say. They also listen to her lectures very closely and take what she advises them very seriously as well.”


Our advice to the Muslims is very simple. Here is a young white female, who grew up in comfort and luxury. She comes from a country which has all the facilities that a person can think of and yet, she has sacrificed all of this to spread a false religion. She does not think about what she has left behind. She is convinced that this is a Divine mission and whatever it takes, she has to make these people into Christians.


What is the condition of the Muslims today? Here is a young female who has become even weaker because there is no clean water available. No clean facilities for her to work in and yet, day and night she is sacrificing to spread a false religion.


The Muslims on the other hand are spending day and night making sure that those who are Muslims actually leave Islam with their bad and evil behaviour. The Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has stated that the Muslim nation is like one body. When one part of the body feels pain, the entire body feels pain. Yet, when we see Muslims in trouble, we feel that they are some creatures from outer space.


This is not only one single example of what is happening in the world today. We find that these types of people are all over the world. They have even entered the Muslim countries and continue to spread their poison through welfare and medical help while we still trying to analyse who we should help and who we should not help. It must be borne in mind that welfare work does not see any religious boundaries. When we feed, we should not feed with the purpose of calling people to Islam. This is the greatest harm that can be caused. When we feed others, we should do so with the intention that this is what the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has taught us.