Download PDF: [S] Islam in Secrecy in Spain (Islamic story)

The narrator of this incident is Mohammed Sagheer.


He narrates, “When I was very young, I obviously had no idea what was happening in my house. Whenever I looked at my father, I noticed that he was always worried and concerned. He spent a lot of time in deep thought and apparent stress. I had never noticed a smile on his face. Whenever I arrived from school, I also told him that part of the Bible which I had learnt in school that day.


“I also made him listen to the few Spanish words which I had learnt that day as well. When my father had listened to my words, he used to then retire in the last part of the house which was extremely secluded. This was that room in which I was not allowed to enter.


“He spent quite a lot of time in this private room and I had no idea what he used to do in there. When he left this room, his eyes were also reddish like he had been weeping. It also looked like he had been weeping for a long time. At times, he made me sit on him and mention a few words which I could not understand. Obviously another reason was that I was still small. He used to then retire to his own work.


“My mother took me to school in the morning and she also look worried and concerned. When I came from school, she used to embrace in such a manner like I had come from a very far place after many days. She never tired of kissing me and hugging me.


“When both of them used to sit together, they spoke a strange language and obviously, this was not the Spanish language.  At the same time, whenever I approached them, they used to change and speak the Spanish language. I used to also feel insulted by this after all I was their only son.


“In this manner also, my behaviour began to change. I remained away from the other students and even in this young age, I remained aloof from all the other children. I used to also shun joining them in any sport and play and hardly left the house to join any other friends. I spent most time inside the house thinking about what was happening inside and the strange environment inside the house.


“There was also a teacher named Khori that visited me at home for some private learning. She used to then pull me along to the local church and made sure that I learnt the Christian religion. During these times, my small brother was also born. He was an extremely good looking and handsome child but I noticed that instead of celebrating, my parents were also very sad. Khori also arrived to baptise the child.


“In fact, there was no happiness at all in the house. During Easter also, which was a famous event for the Christians, the streets were decorated and everywhere in Granada, there were lights and other festive items on the street. Even the Alhambra was also decorated and there were lights all over this building. Everywhere also, there were crosses that were placed in certain parts of the town.


“One night, in the middle of the night, my father awoke me while the rest of the house was sleeping. He then took me to this private room which no one was allowed to enter and this room looked like it was the biggest room in the house at that time. When we entered the room, my father began to search for a light and when this was lit, I saw this room for the first time.


“This was that room which I had wanted to see since I was a little boy. I had thought that it would be filled with amazing items, yet, I noticed that the entire room was empty. There was a table on one corner and on this table there was a book. There was also a sword hanging on one wall. There was also a chair on one corner and my father instructed me to sit on this chair. We remained silent for a long time. My father was also looking at me very strangely and then he approached me and spoke to me talking my hand in his. He stated, ‘My beloved son! Today you are more than ten years old and have become a young man. Today, I wish to reveal a secret to you which I have always hidden from you. My dear son! This secret must never be revealed to anyone. Not your mother and to no other members of the family. If you reveal this secret to anyone, then the secret police would certainly have your father killed.’


“When I heard the words ‘secret police’ I myself became shocked. Even though I was still young I had already learned about the atrocities that were committed by the secret police. I also knew that people had disappeared and were never seen again. I also knew that sometimes bodies were found on the street and no one had any idea how they came to be there. All this was the work of the secret police.


“I had seen bodies of people hanging on ropes. I had seen the burnt corpses of people on the road. I had seen females been attacked and babies been burnt alive. I was in complete shock.


“My father then asked me whether I would keep a deep secret which he was about to reveal to me and I assured him that I would keep this secret. He then came closer so that he could whisper in my ears telling me that even the walls had ears.


“He then pointed to the book on the table and asked me whether I knew which book this. I replied that I had no idea. I also mentioned that perhaps it was the Bible, but my father assured me that it was not the Bible, but a Divine Book which was revealed upon the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – and that this was known as the Qur’an. He then explained me to about Islam and the basic tenets of Islam. And he also explained to me about the greatness of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.


“He also explained that he was among those Muslims who had come to Spain and due to the treachery of a few so called Muslim leaders, the table had completely changed and now they were people who were been persecuted for being Muslims. He also revealed that they were Muslims from Arabia and he then kept repeating what he had taught me.”


Later on, this young man escaped from Spain with his uncle. It is also shocking to learn that his parents were also later killed by the secret Spanish police.


The name of this young man was later to become famous as Mohammed bin Abdur Raafe Andalusi and was considered as one of the greatest writers of his era. He wrote many manuscripts which highlighted the plight of Muslims in Spain and other European countries and they have become source materials for writers later on.


Bear in mind that Spain was conquered by Taariq bin Ziyad and Muslim influence in this part of the world lasted nearly eight hundred years. However, later when certain corrupt leaders appeared among the Muslims, it led to the ultimate destruction of Muslim power in this part of the world.