Download PDF: [S] How they knew if the Qadi was just (Islamic story)

Hadrat Sayyiduna Ubaidullah Ahlaafi – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates:


“It is mentioned that in the ancient times, when any Chief Justice among the Bani Israeel died, they used to place the body in a separate chamber for forty years. If in this period the body decayed, they immediately came to know that this person had acted unjustly and that he had also given unjust decisions. This is the reason that his body had decayed in the first place. When a just Qadi died also, this is the manner in which they acted as well.


“One day, a person arrived to clean a certain private chamber. As he was sweeping the room, a piece of stick flew from the floor and pierced the ear of the Qadi whose body was in that chamber. Suddenly, blood and pus became to appear from the ear of this Qadi. When the people were informed about this, they were extremely worried. The reason is that outwardly, this Qadi was someone who had displayed justice in all of his decisions.

“Allah Almighty then sent Revelation to the Prophet of that era in which it was declared, ‘This slave of Mine did in fact display justice and truth. However, once two people approached him and he listened to one of them more than the other. This is the reason that he had been punished in this manner.’” (Uyunul Hikaayah)