Download PDF: [S] How Satan misled a Pious Person (Islamic story)

In Surah Hashr, verse 16 the Qur’an declares:


کَمَثَلِ الشَّیۡطٰنِ اِذْ قَالَ لِلْاِنۡسَانِ اکْفُرْۚ فَلَمَّا کَفَرَ قَالَ اِنِّیۡ بَرِیۡٓءٌ مِّنۡکَ اِنِّیۡۤ اَخَافُ اللہَ رَبَّ الْعٰلَمِیۡنَ ﴿۱۶﴾

The example of the devil – when he said to man “Disbelieve”; so when he has rejected faith, he says, “I am unconcerned with you – indeed I fear Allah, the Lord of The Creation.”


The scholars of the Qur’an explain that there was once a very pious person among the Bani Israel whose names Barseesah. He had also spent forty years in the Ibadah of Allah Almighty and it is reported that the Satan could not manage to mislead him.


One day, the Satan had meeting with all his followers and asked them, “Is there anyone among you who can mislead Barseesah and make be happy and joyous.”

There was a Satan among them whose name was Abyad who replied, “I will be able to fulfil your wish.”


Abyad then adopted a different appearance and appeared in the church of Barseesah. He then called out to Barseesah, however he received no answer. It was also the habit of Barseesah to complete his Ibadah after every ten days and he then used to complete his other tasks and duties. In fact, he fasted for ten days and took a break on the tenth day. When Satan Abyad realised that this person was paying any attention to him, he decided to stand himself in this church and continue praying.


One day, as Barseesah saw turned his head, he noticed Abyad standing with extreme devotion and concentration and making Ibadah. Barseesah then asked him what he wanted and Abyad  replied, “It is my wish that I stay with you and also take advantage of your pious deeds. I wish to adopt your good behaviour and we both can perform our worship together.”


However, Barseesah replied, “I only spent my time in Ibadah and if I am with you, then there would be a lack of concentration created in me.”


After saying this Barseesah continued to perform his own Ibadah. On the other side, Abyad also continued to his fake worship. For forty days, Barseesah did not turn his head to see Abyad and on the fortieth day when he turned his head, he noticed this person was extremely serious in his his worship and also looked like someone who was sincere.


Barseesah then decided to ask Abyad what he wanted. Abyad repeated the same thing which he had mentioned earlier. Barseesah then gave him permission to stay with him. Abyad then stayed with Barseesah for nearly a year. In fact, he was so pious in his outlook that he only made Iftaar after every forty days and remained fasting for the balance of the days. When there was any free time, even in this moment, he spent in worship.


When Barseesah began to see the immense piety of this person, naturally, he started to feel some attraction to this person and also began to admire him to a certain extent. After one year, this same Abyad then mentioned to Barseesah, “I am now leaving because I have another companion. I can also see that what you were described as by others, you are completely the opposite.”


When Barseesah heard these words, he was extremely disappointed because by now he was also very fond of Abyad. When this Abyad began to leave, he informed Barseesah, “I also have a few special words which if you recite, you will be able to cure the sick and also remove all your problems.”


Barseesah replied that he had no need for these things because he was fond of spending most of his time in Ibadah. Barseesah added, “If I know these things, people will appear in their hundreds and this would disturb me while I am making Ibadah.”


However, Abyad continued to encourage him to learn these words and finally he succeeded in teaching Barseesah these special words. After spending nearly a year in the company of Barseesah and teaching his these evil words, Abyad then appeared in front of Iblees and said to him, “There is no doubt that I have managed to mislead this person and place him on a wrong path.”


Abyad then left this meeting to continue his evil plot. Abyad then caught one person and pressed his neck. He then went to the house of this person like he was someone who could cure this sick person. Abyad then said to the people in the house, “This person has become insane. Shall I cure him?” Obviously the people in the house pleaded to him to cure this sick person. Abyad then acted like he was blowing on this person and doing all types of odd things and finally he mentioned to these people, “There is no doubt that the Jinn who has captured this person is extremely powerful and it is beyond me to remove it. I suggest that you go to a very pious person called Barseesah who also knows the Isme Azam and he had the power to cure this person.”


These people then went to Barseesah and since he already knew the words which were initially taught to him by Abyad, he blew on the sick person and the person immediately became well. In this way, Abyad Satan continued to make people ill and then advised them to go to Barseesah and Barseesah started to become very famous among the people for his amazing touch.


After a long time, this same Abyad Satan approached the daughter of the King and also pressed her throat. This girl also had three brothers. Abyad appeared in the form of someone who could cure this girl and volunteered to cure this female. Her brothers also agreed to allow him to cure their sister. As per his normal evil tactic, Abyad then mentioned that this young girl was affected by an extremely powerful Jinn which was impossible for him to remove. He also advised that they should leave this girl in the company of a pious person and he had the power to cure her. When they asked who this person was, he replied that the name of this person was Barseesah and that he lived in a certain temple. The three brothers then brought this young girl to Barseesah, but he refused to treat her. However, they insisted and left the young girl in his company and left.


In some reports it is mentioned that there was a secret cave in this church and Barseesah, pointing to this cave, advised the brothers to leave this young girl in that cave.


After they had left, Abyad Satan appeared and said to Barseesah that he should merely pass his hands over this young girl and nothing else and she would immediately get better and leave.


When Barseesah began to walk towards this cave, Abyad Satan quickly walked towards this cave and stood near this girl. When the girl saw him in his true form, she began to shake her hands and legs in fear and because of this her clothes also fell to the ground. This was the first time that Barseesah had seen a naked female. He could not control himself and because of this, he became guilty of committing adultery.


After this incident, Abyad Satan informed him, “You are certainly an evil person and you have also become guilty of adultery. There is only one way that you can protect yourself and that is to murder this girl and also make sincere Taubah. When her brothers appear, you must inform them an evil Satan had appeared and had taken their sister away.”


Abyad Satan continued to encourage Barseesah to protect himself in different ways and methods. Barseesah then killed this girl and buried her in a secret place. He then returned to his church and continued to perform his worship. When her brothers returned and asked about their sister, Barseesah mentioned that an evil Satan had appeared and had captured their sister and that he could not save their sister.


In another report it is mentioned that Barseesah had said to them, “I had made a special Du’a for this girl and she has recovered and is actually on her way to you people.”


The brothers then began to search for her. In the evening while they were asleep, this same Abyad Satan appeared in the dream of the eldest brother and revealed to him, “Are you mad! Barseesah had indeed committed an evil deed with your sister and he has actually buried her in a certain place.”


The big brother thought nothing of this dream on the first night thinking that this was merely an accusation against a pious person like Barseesah. However, this evil Abyad Satan appeared on three nights in this person’s dream and he also appeared in the dream of the other two brothers. When the youngest brother revealed what he had seen, all of them also mentioned that this is exactly what they had seen as well. All of them again returned to Barseesah and asked about their sister, however, Barseesah continued to claim that he was innocent and that they were merely accusing him for nothing. They then became embarrassed about the entire issue and decided to leave this church.


However, Abyad Satan was not someone who could remain silent because he had made a special promised to Iblees. Abyad then appeared to these three brothers and informed them they should go to a certain area where they would find the grave of their sister and that part of her clothing was also visible.


When they went to this spot and began to dig, they found the dead body of their sister. They then angrily appeared in front of Barseesah and pulled him forward to face justice from the King. When Barseesah appeared in front of the King, he finally admitted to his crime and he also mentioned that he was deceived by the Satan.


However, the King was not prepared to listen to anything and said that since he had felt no pity when he had killed this young girl, his punishment should be death. Barseesah was then ordered to be killed.


Finally, Abyad Satan appeared in front of him and asked, “Do you recognize me? I am the same friend of yours who taught you those magic words. Yet, what was left with you, you did not respect and safeguard. You have also insulted all those who spend time in worship and if you die in this state, there is no hope for your salvation.”


Barseesah then asked what he should do, Abyad Satan replied, “If you accept one only single request of mine, you will be saved by me. I will also make you disappear in front of these people and they would never be able to find you.”


Barseesah then replied that he would do anything. Abyad Satan then asked him to make Sajdah to him and Barseesah immediately fell into Sajdah in front of Abyad Satan.


Abyad Satan then declared, “This was my actual intention from the very beginning. My intent was to make you commit this act of Haraam. Now you will die as a Kaafir and I am not concerned about you.”


After that, Barseesah was then killed.


Imam Baghwi explains that this incident was for those Jews who had been misguided and misled by the Munafiqis in Madina Shareef. In fact, these Munafiqs had deceived the Jews such as the Bani Nudair and when it came to giving answer for this rebellion, they completely separated themselves from the Jews saying that there were Muslims and had nothing to do with these people. In other words, the Munafiqs are actually Satan in the garb of piety and Ibadah. (Tafseer Baghwi)