Download PDF: [S] A two day journey with a Saint (Islamic Story)

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates an incident which was revealed by the great Saint, Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Adham – may Allah be pleased with him – prior to his Taubah. It is mentioned that this was also one the reasons for his eventual Taubah. The great Saint explains:


One day, during midday, I was sitting inside the palace surrounded by comfort and luxury and looking out at the world. There was also a window which faced the world outside. It was an extremely hot day and I was sitting with my friends and companions in the royal chambers in peace and comfort.


Suddenly, I looked at the window which was facing the public and noticed a person who seemed completely oblivious of the troubles of the world around him. He was sitting in the shade of the royal building and was wrapped in a shawl. When I saw the state of this person, I was really surprised. I then ordered one of my servants to approach this person and convey my Salaam to him and also inform him that the King wanted to meet him. The servant then approached this person and conveyed my order to him with the result that this person came to see me in the palace.


The person entered the royal chambers and greeted me. I returned his greeting and made him sit near me. As he sat near me, I felt extreme spiritual comfort and peace and the world suddenly did not feel important to me. I then asked that food be brought for the person but he refused to accept any food. I then asked him, “Where have you come from?”


He replied that he had come from the east of Asia. In other words, from the Bukhara and Samarkhand region.


I asked him where he intended travelling to and he replied, “In Sha Allah, my intention is to perform the Haj”.


I was extremely surprised at his reply because it was already the 2nd of Zil Hajj and he was many days away from the Haram Shareef.


I asked him how he intended to reach the Haram Shareef in such a short period when it was already the 2nd of Zil Hajj.


He mentioned that Allah Almighty has the Power to do all things and whatever He wishes, that will happen.


I said to him, “Hadrat! If it is fine with you, I also wish to accompany you for Hajj.”


He replied that if this was my wish, then I was free to join him.


I then made the intention to join the blessed company of this person in this sacred journey of entering the Haram Shareef. When night appeared, this person informed me that I should join him as the journey was about to commence. I also took a few necessary items with me and he held my hand and we started to walk.


We departed from Balkh on that night. As we travelled at night, we entered a certain village and we met a certain person. I then asked this person to bring a few necessary items. This person did as he was told and he also brought some food as well.


After eating, I gave thanks to Allah Almighty. The Saint then said that I should arise and again he held my hand and we started to walk. We continued to pass one village after another. I was beginning to feel that the earth had been made very small for us. It felt like the earth itself was dragging us along as quickly as possible. In fact, we passed by many villages and towns on this journey. As we passed each village, this Saint continued to inform me that this is a certain village or this is a certain city.


When we reached Kufah, the Saint mentioned that I should meet him later at a certain point. After saying this to me, he disappeared. When I reached that spot, I found that he was waiting for me. When he saw me, he again held my hand and we started to travel again. What surprised me was that the longer I travelled with this Saint, I did not feel tired or fatigued at all.


I also did not feel scared or terrified as well. As we continued, he then looked at me and said, “O Ebrahim! We are now reaching that place which is the centre of our belief and a place which is the coolness for our eyes. We are about to enter the blessed city of Madina Shareef.”


I then stood in front of the blessed Roza Mubarak with a trembling heart and presented my Durood and Salaam. My heart was completely at peace and I could smell the fragrance of this blessed place which permeated all around me. In fact, I was completely lost in this spiritual grace which surrounded me.


The Saint then mentioned that he needed to go somewhere and during the night I should meet him at a certain spot. After saying this, he again disappeared from my sight. When I reached that spot, he was there before me and was engrossed in Salaah. After completing his Salaah, he again took my hand and said to me, “Come let us leave for Mecca Shareef.”


We walked a few paces forward and suddenly I could see that we were in the blessed city of Mecca Shareef. The Saint then said to me, “O Ebrahim! You have now arrived in Mecca Shareef and I will now take my leave from you”.


However, I grabbed his blessed clothing and pleaded to him that I wanted to be blessed even further by him. He said to me that he was leaving for Syria. I requested that he take me along with him as well. He then said to me, “When you complete the Hajj, I will wait for you at the well of Zam Zam.” After saying this, he disappeared from my sight. I continued to look at him.


After I had completed the Hajj, I went to the well of Zam Zam and met the Saint who was waiting for me. He held my hand and we started to make the Tawaaf and looked sadly at the Ka’ba as we departed for Syria. When we reached a certain place, again as per his normal behaviour, the Saint mentioned that I should wait for him at a certain point where he will be awaiting for me. On the journey towards Syria, he mentioned this on three occasions.


Suddenly, I could see the border of Syria. In fact, within a short time, we had reached Syria from Mecca Shareef. We then entered the Baitul Muqaddas and this Saint said to me that this is where he resides and that the time had come for us to path ways. He suddenly disappeared from my sight. I looked everywhere for him but could not find him. I also could not find anyone who could point out where he lived.


There is no doubt that meeting this pious servant of Allah Almighty was one of the turning points in my life. At the same time, I felt that I was losing all love and affection for this world. When I finally decided to return to Balkh, I felt that it was one of the longest journeys I had ever undertaken. One of the reasons that inspired me to make Taubah was the meeting with this Saint. I always remember the moments I had stayed with him. However, I never met him again in life. (Uyunul Hikaayah)