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Q:      How many times is the name of Hazrat Ayyoob – peace be upon him – mentioned in the Holy Quran?

A:      4 times.


Q:      Which tribe did he belong to?

A:      He was from the children of Hazrat Ishaaq – peace be upon him – in fourth generation.


Q:      What treatment did Allah Almighty prescribed for his illness?

A:      He commanded him to, “Kick the ground, a spring will flow which is cool for bathing and sweet for drinking.


Q:      What was his era?

A:      1,500 B.C.


Q:      For how long did he remain ill?

A:      13 years according to the narration of Hazrat Anas – may Allah be pleased with him.


Q:      What was his wife’s name?

A:      Bibi Rahmat.


Q:      Which Prophet of Allah made Sabr the most?

A:      Hazrat Ayyoob – peace be upon him.


Q:      Which nation did he belong to?

A:      Bani Israel.


Q:      Which day did he fall ill?

A;      On Wednesday.

(Mishkaat p. 391)


Q:      What was his age?

A:      75, 93, 140 or 400 (according to numerous different narrations)


Q:      Whose daughter was Hazrat Ayyoob’s – peace be upon him – mother?

A:      She was Hazrat Loot’s – peace be upon him – daughter.


Q:      Where is Hazrat Ayyoob’s – peace be upon him – name mentioned in the Quran?

A:      Surah Saad, Verse No. 38-41.


(Islami Ma’loomaat Ka Encyclopaedia p. 74-76)