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Q:      How many times is the name of Hazrat Ilyaas – peace be upon him – mentioned in the Holy Quran?

A:      Twice.


Q:      What was the time of his Prophethood?

A:      875 B.C.


Q:      Where did he live?

A:      He lived in Jal’aad, which in current days, consists of few districts of the northern Jordan.


Q:      In which city was he appointed as a Prophet?

A:      In the city of Ba’labak.


Q:      Which idol people used to worship in his era?

A:      Ba’l.


Q:      What was the name of his father?

A:      Yaseen.


Q:      Which Israeli king was ruling in his time?

A;      Ahiyab.

(Islami Ma’loomaat Ka Encyclopaedia p. 103-104)