Download PDF: Fulfilling the Rights of the Husband

It is mentioned that it was the habit of Sayyidah Rabi’a ‘Adawiyah Radi Allahu ‘Anha that before she used to retire in Ibadah for the entire night, she used to first make certain that all the needs of her husband were fulfilled. In this manner, she stood like this for the entire night.


In the first part of the night, she used to plead to Allah azza wajal, “O my Lord! The people are all sleeping and the stars have appeared in the skies and those in power in the world have closed their doors. Please pardon my sins.” After reading this Du’a, she used to then commence her Ibadah. She used to also declare, “I swear by Your Divine Majesty and Divine Being! As long as I live, I will continue to stand for You in this manner until the break of dawn.” (Tambeehul Mughtareen, 159)




As we have already explained, the pious predecessors of Islam used to sacrifice their comfort and pleasure for the Divine Pleasure of Allah azza wajal.  They never displayed any shortcoming in this regards. At the same time, they never practised on this for merely a day or two, but behaved in this manner their entire life. At the same time, they also made sure that they fulfilled the rights of other creation as well. It was Sayyidah Rabi’a’s ‘Adawiyah Radi Allahu ‘Anha habit to also ask her husband before she undertook any Nafil Ibadah because this is also one of the rules of Shari’ah.


In the book “Maariqi yul Falah” it is stated that, “No female is allowed to keep Nafil fast without the permission of her husband. If she does so (without permission), then, if there is a dire need by the husband, she is supposed to make the Iftaar, (in other words, she is allowed to break her fast).”


It is important that those sisters who are in the habit of performing Nafil Ibadah should also bear this in mind.


They should also learn a lesson from the behaviour of this great Saint, Sayyidah Rabi’a ‘Adawiyah Radi Allahu ‘Anha. Side by side with serving their husbands, they also made sure that they served Allah azza wajal.


For those sisters who have husbands that are not proper practising Muslims, even though they are like that, she still has to make sure that she serves her Muslim husband. She cannot say that because this person is disobedient to Allah azza wajal in the performance of Salaah, etc. therefore, she has to be disobedient to him. This is not permissible in Islam. If she continues to be disobedient to her husband, then she will obviously become a sinful person herself.


We make Du’a that Allah azza wajal give us the strength to study and understand Islamic law. Aameen.