Download PDF: Rabee’ul Aakhir – The 4th Month of Islamic Calendar

This is the fourth month in the Islamic calendar and it is said that when this month was named, it was the end of spring. Some of the notable incidents which occurred in this month are:

  1. On the 3rd of this month, the idiot Hajjaaj bin Yusuf threw a fire ball at the Ka’bah shareef.
  2. This was also the time when Hadrat Sayyiduna ibn Zubair May Allah have mercy on him had taken refuge inside Ka’bah shareef. A large part of the Holy Ka’bah was destroyed through this act.
  3. On the 14th of this month, Salah became Fard.

(Ajaa’ibul Makhluqaat. 45)


This is also the month in which the King of the Awliyah, namely Sayyiduna, Moulana, Al Qutubul Fard wal Ghous, Shaikhul Islam wal Muslimeen, Ghousus Saqalain, Ash Shaikh, Syed Mohyudeen Abu Mohammed Abdul Qadir al Hasani Al Husaini Al Jilani Al Hambali May Allah have mercy on him passed away. There is a dispute among the Ulama on the exact date of his passing. Some say it was the 9th, some say the 17th and some say it was on the 11th of this month.


Muhaqqiq Alal Itlaaq, Shaikh Khaatimul Muhaditheen, Hadrat Allamah Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlwi May Allah have mercy on him explains that, “In our country, the date of his passing is commonly regarded as the 11th of Rabi ul Akhir. And this is also greatly accepted by his family and the eminent Ulama in the Indo Pak subcontinent.” During the year, people also have major events commemorating the ‘Urs of this great Saint.


A small description of the King of the Awliyah

He was Najeebut Tarafain, meaning that he was a Sayyed from both his parents side. He was a Hasani Sayyed from his father’s side and a Husaini Sayyed from his mother’s side. There are very few Awliyah who have been blessed in this fashion as far as family lineage is concerned. His blessed father’s name was Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Saleh Al Hasani May Allah have mercy on him and his blessed mother’s name was Hadrat Sayyidah Ummul Khair Fatimah binte Abdullah Sauma’i al Husaini May Allah have mercy on her.

He was born in a famous village in Iran called Jeel on the 1st of Ramadaan 470 a.h. and passed away on the 11th of Rabi ul Akhir 561 ah. He was ninety years old when he passed away. There were so many people in his Janaza Salah that he could only be buried at night in the courtyard of his Madressah.


Born Wali

It is mentioned that when he was born, he never drank milk during the day and when people asked him when he came to know that he was Wali, he replied that when he was ten years old and used to go to the Madressah, he used to hear someone saying to the other children, “make way for the Wali of Allah azza wa jall”. One of his amazing qualities is that when he spoke, the nearest person to him the furthest person to him could also easily hear his words.



Once, while he was in the Jamia Masjid, he sneezed and when he did so, the entire masjid made dua for him by collectively saying “YarhamukAllah”. At that time, the Khalifah, namely Al Mustanjid billah, was also in one room of the masjid and asked his servants about the loud voices and loud Dua which he had heard. His servants replied that Hadrat Ghous Paak May Allah have mercy on him had sneezed and people had made dua for him.

(Akhbaarul Akhyaar. 16)


His immense care for his Mureeds

It is mentioned that once a saint saw the Holy Prophet peace be upon him in a dream and requested him to make dua for him that he passes away with Imaan and on the Quran and Sunnah. The Holy Prophet peace be upon him replied, “Why not, when your Spiritual Master is Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani” This saint narrates that he asked the Holy Prophet peace be upon him to make dua three times from him and at every instance, the Holy Prophet peace be upon him gave him the same answer.

(Akhbaarul Akhyaar. 44)


His immense mercy on those who accept him as their master

The Awliyah explain that once the great Saint explained, “Until the day of Judgement, I am responsible for my mureed in that they will never die without making Taubah.” Some people asked him about those who had not made Baiat at his hands, he replied, “Whoever relates himself to me and allies himself with me and also believes in me, the Almighty azza wa jall will accept that person. He will display Divine Mercy on that person and will give him the strength to make Taubah even though he may be a sinner. The Almighty azza wa jall has promised me that my friends, those of my mazhab, those who walk on my path, those who are my mureeds and those who love me, will be blessed with Jannah.”


The great Saint also explains that he was once shown a register of those who were his mureeds, his friends and his supporters. There were the names of all of them until the day of Qiyamah. After giving me this register, the Almighty azza wa jall also informed me that through me, He had pardoned all of these people.


The great Saint also explains that once he met Maalik, the keeper of Hell and asked him whether there were any of his friends within that place and he replied, “By Allah! there is none.” He has also stated, “My hand is over my mureed like the sky over the earth. If my mureeds are not pious, so what? I am pious and holy. By Allah! as long as all of my mureeds do not enter Jannah, I will never leave that place (until everyone enters Jannah). If my mureed is in the East and I am in the West and this mureed is naked, then too, I will conceal (and protect) him.”


Nafil in this month

One should perform four rakah of Salah on the first, the fifteenth and the nineteenth of this month. After surah Fatiha, he should read Surah Ikhlaas five times each. Thousands of rewards will be recorded on his behalf. Thousands of sins of his will also be pardoned and four maidens of Jannah will be created for him.

(Jawaahir Ghaybi)