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Q: What is the name of the first Qiblah?

A: Baitul Maqdis.

Q: Where is Baitul Maqdis situated?

A: In Palestine/Jerusalem.

Q: In which direction did the Muslims turn their faces in Salah prior to the month of Rajab of the year 2 A.H.?

A: Towards Baitul Maqdis.

Q: What is the name of the King who destroyed Baitul Maqdis?

A: Bukht Nasr.

Q: Where is the “Cave of Prophets” situated?

A: In a town near Baitul Maqdis, called “Khaleel Al-Rahman”.

Q: Where are most of the Prophets buried?

A: In Baitul Maqdis.

Q: How many Prophets are buried in the “Cave of Prophets”?

A: 12,000 Prophets.

Q: Where are the graves of Hazrat Ibraheem, Sarah, Ishaaq, his wife and Ya’qoob – peace be upon them?

A: According to different narration, they all are buried in the “Cave of Prophets”.

Q: For how long did Baitul Maqdis remain as the Qiblah for Muslims?

A: For approximately 17 months.

(Khazaain Al-‘Irfaan p. 260)

Q: Which two Prophets – peace be upon them – build the Baitul Maqdis/Masjid Al-Aqsa?

A: Hazrat Dawood and Sulaiman – peace be upon them.

Q: When was the command of changing the Qiblah direction revealed?

A: On 15 Rajab 2 A.H.

(Islami Ma’loomaat Ka Encyclopaedia p. 199-200)