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اَباَنَ مَوْلِدُهٗ عَنْ طِيْبِ عُنْصُرِهٖ

يَاطِيْبَ مُبتَدَءٍ مِّنْهُ وَمُخْتَتَمِ




At the time of the Sacred Birth of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) the whole environment was scented, through the Perfume of the Sacred Body. SubhanAllah! Oh People look the Sacred Place of His Birth and Sacred Grave are both Pure and full of Perfume.


Allama describes the condition before the Holy Arrival of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) and speaks in a special manner, about the Sacred Birth of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him).


He begins in this manner that during the moment of the Sacred Birth of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him); such strange Miracles were observed that the Beautiful Beginning and Wonderful Ending were exposed.


He says: Oh Beloved of the Worlds! What can one say about your Generosity? You are more Superior than both the Worlds.

In Surah Asar Your Lord takes the Oath of Your Personality. In Surah Duha the Lord takes Oath of your Sacred Face. In some place, the Lord says Lahamruka and shows how close He is to Him and then calls Him Yaseen and makes Him the Leader.


Hazrat Sayyida Bibi Amina Khatoon (may Allah be pleased with her) relates that at the time of the Sacred Birth, such Noor was observed, that due to its appearance, from the Heaven till the Earth, everything was enlightened. Through this Noor I could see till Syria. The whole environment was filled with the smell of a Beautiful Perfume.A Divine Voice called out from one corner of my House: Oh Amina! Do not reveal this for three days, as the Angels are coming to make Salaam.


The Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) was born with His Navel Cord cut and His Sacred Body was Pure of Impurities. He was given a bath by the Hands of the Powerful One and appeared in this world.


Hazrat Safiya Bint Abdul Mutallib relates that she was the Midwife of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him). She says she saw that the Noor of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) was brighter than the lamp. She saw six strange things that night.

  1. The first thing He did when He was born, was that He made Sajda.
  2. He then picked His Head up and said Ash-hadu Allah ilaaha illallah.
  3. Through the Sacred Noor from His Body, the whole House was enlightened.
  4. According to custom I desired to bathe Him, when a Divine Voice called out: Oh Safiya! He has already been bathe with the Hands of the Powerful One, so do not worry about giving a bath to Him.
  5. His Navel Cord was cut.
  6. When I desired to clothe Him, I observed that in between His both Shoulders, on His Sacred Back, was a round sign on which Lah ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasoolullah were inscribed.


Mowla Ali (karramAllahu waj-hahu) said: When the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) used to take a bath. I used to get a strong Perfume Smell from the Sacred Body of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him). I never smelt a better perfume before this.


Allama Kharpoti (May Allah have mercy on him) said the Benefits and Amazing Incidents of the Sacred Birth of the Beloved Messenger (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) are related in many Ahaadith.


One of them is that when the Sacred Seed and Precious Pearl was placed in Sayyida Amina Quraishiya, then in the World of the Angels, this announcement was made: The Whole World must be Perfumed and in the direction of Exalted Glory incense must be lit. The Angels must lay their Prayer Mats in the Place of Worship because today the Noor of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him), has been placed in Sayyida Amina (may Allah be pleased with her).


Hazrat Sahl Bin Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Night when the Noor of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) was placed in Sayyida Amina, was on a Friday 4th of Rajab. On that Night the Gatekeeper of Paradise was ordered to open the Highest Doors of Paradise.


A Caller was making this announcement in Heaven and Earth that Sacred Noor through which the Sacred Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) will appear, on this night, has been placed in the Sacred Body of Sayyida Amina.


In one Tradition it has been reported that in those days, poverty and droughts surrounded the Quraish. Suddenly, the ground was filled with green crops and the trees began to bear fruits.


Hazrat Sayyida Amina (may Allah be pleased with her) relates that I was alone in the House and Abdul Mutallib was busy making Tawaaf of the Kaaba. I heard a frightening Voice, due to which I became frightened. I saw a wing that resembled the wing of some bird. It was white in colour. When this wing was pressed against my chest, the fear which I had before, all disappeared. Then I saw something to drink, which was white in colour and I drank that thing. After this Noor surrounded me. I saw a lot of People in the air, who had thin silver pots with them. Then Allah granted such Sights in my eyes that I began to look towards the East and West. There I saw three Flags flying. One flag was in the East and the other in the West and one flag was placed on the Kaaba.


Suddenly I felt pain and that Precious Pearl, Noble, Gracious and Merciful Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) was born. When I looked towards Him I noticed that He was making Sajda and His Finger was pointing towards the direction of Heaven. I then saw a White Cloud that was bowing in my direction, till that Cloud hid the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) from me.

I heard a Voice that said: Place that Sacred Sad Person in the World of the East and West.  Let Him enter the Ocean of Knowledge, so that He can know His Status and Dignity. This is a very long incident and very strange, due to which everyone will be amazed.


Some Qualified People have written this incident, in detail, in their Meelaad Books. Whoever wants to see the full details, should look in these books.


In Sharha Sheikh Zaada it is related that on the morning of the Sacred Arrival of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him), the idols of this world, were hiding. The throne of the Shaytaan was toppled upside down. Due to this sorrow, the Shaytaan kept diving into the sea, for forty days. He then ran and climbed Abu Qubais Mountain in Makkah and screamed in such a way, that all the evils gathered there. Shaytaan then told them: Shame to you, this time you are getting ruined. Before this You were never faced with such disaster. The Evils asked: Tell us what has happened? He replied: Very soon in this place, Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Abdul Mutallib (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) will be arriving. He has been sent by Allah and is very Beloved to Him. Now your tricks and deceits, will not work in front of Him. He will destroy the famous idols Laat and Uzza and all the other idols. This Ummat due to His Guidance will begin to curse us and call Shaytaan as the rejected. After this Prophet appears, our eyes will be pierced and our hearts will grieve.


Hazrat Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said: From the signs of the Pregnancy of that Sacred Light one was this.


All the animals of the Quraish on that night began to speak fluently and said: The Oath of the Lord of the Kaaba! Muhammad (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) has entered the Body of Sayyida Amina. Now there will be peace for the people of the world.


Hazrat Sayyida Amina (may Allah be pleased with her) relates that when she was six months pregnant, she saw a dream, in which someone was saying: Oh Amina! You are expecting the Goodness of these Worlds.


Glad Tidings to you, when He is Born, call him Muhammad and keep this incident a secret.


Mowla Ya Swalli Wa Sallim Daa’iman Abadan

Alah Habeebika Khayril Khalqi Kullihimi


يَوْمٌ تَفَرَّسَ فِيْهِ الْفُرْسُ اَ  نَّهُمٗ

قَدْ اُنْذِرُوْا بِحُلُوْلِ الْبُؤْسِ وَالنِّقَمٖ




On the day of His Holy Birth, the Persians knew from the predictions that on this day, evils and miseries will descend on them.


Yowm here means the Glorious Morning, on which the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) was born. Hazrat Qataada (may Allah be pleased with him) related that the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) was asked, why He kept Fast on a Monday. He replied that this is the day when I was born. So we understood that Yowm means day, since the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) was born on Monday.

Allama used the word Yowm here as a dialogue.


Hazrat Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) relates that The Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) was born on a Monday. He announced His Prophethood on this day. He migrated to Madina on this day. He entered Madina on this day. He rested in the Grave on this day. Makkah was victorious on this day. Surah Maa’idah was revealed on this day.


Tafarras means sight, which means, you saw that day and knew through the predictions.


Farasat is the name of the strength of Man, through which, he begins to understand the internal meanings.


Furus is the plural of Faaris. Faaris is referring to Paaris (Persia).


Its Generation Tree is Paaris bin Naasoor bin Saam bin Nooh.


They built many cities and towns. The Famous Cities are Isfahan and Shiraz.


Regarding the description of Persia, the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) said: From the Arabs Allah liked the Quraish the best and from the foreigners He loved the Persians.


In another Tradition it is reported that among the People, the Romans are far away from Islam and if Islam reaches the cluster of the seven brilliant stars, then also the Persians will retrieve it from there.

Boos is a severe difficulty and Naqam is the plural of Naqma, which means punishments or evils.


This Couplet is referring to that incident when the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) was born, on that night, Anu Shayrwaan saw a dream, due to which he was very disturbed and he called all the Black-Magicians, Astronomers and Dream Interpreters, and told that I have seen a dream, due to which I am very disturbed.  So please tell me what does it mean?  All said tell us what you saw.  He replied I will not be satisfied after listening to the interpretation, so tell me what does it means, without me telling you about the dream. After listening to this, all were baffled.  All replied, that without listening to the dream, we would not be able to tell you what it means. One Astronomer replied that if you want an explanation in this manner, then go to a Sage and he will tell you, what you desire. So Anu Shayrwaan sent Abdul Maseeh to Bahrain.  When he reached Bahrain he learnt that, this person comes out from his cave, only once a year.On his door were golden slates from the requesters, so that he could predict, what will happen during the whole year. Abdul Maseeh waited outside for him, to come out from the cave.  When this sage came out, he told Abul Maseeh everything about the dream and said Anu Shaywaan has seen a fearsome dream that the Arab horses are running in all his Cities. The Iraqi Camels are being chased and taken out. This is a sign of the Birth of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him), whose name is Muhammad (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him). He is most Superior of all the Prophets. When the Companions of that Prophet will enter Persia, they will conquer it and snatch its contents and followers. The Sage then began to cry and when asked the reason, he replied: It is a shame that I will not be able to reach His era, as my time has come to an end. Abul Maseeh returned home and told his people about the prediction. The People of Sasaan did not like this prediction and they killed that Sage. This incident is related in Taarikeh Hashimi.


وَبَاتَ اَيْوَانُ كِسْرٰى وَھُوَ مُنْصَدِعٌ

كَشَمْلِ اَصْحَابِ كِسْرٰى غَيْرَ مُلْتَئِمٖ




The Palace of the Shah of Iran crumbled and was destroyed and it could not be repaired. Just like the Army of Kisra, after being scattered, could never be assembled again.


Kisra was the King of Persia just like Qaiser was the King of Rome. The King of Yemen was Tubbah. The Ruler of Egypt was Firhoun. Leader of Turkey was Khakaan and the King of Abyssinia was Najaasi.


Munsadi’un is a name of a subject and it is derived from the word Ansadah.  It means to crumble or burst. Since the Palace of Saasaan was 90 years old and was very strongly built. When they heard the prediction of this Palace crumbling, at the time of the Birth of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him), they had it plastered with the water of gold and decorated it with Precious Pearls. Expensive Jewellery was attached to it.


The Night that our Beloved Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) was born, that same day, an earthquake shook that Palace and the whole Palace crumbled. Fourteen Pillars of the Palace fell down and only eight Palaces were left standing, which was a sign that from now, only eight Rulers will rule in this Kingdom.


So the last King of this Kingdom was Yazdajarad. After him in Amman, Rastam ruled.  Yazdajarad had handed all his wealth to him and told him to somehow stop the mischief of the Arabs. So he took an army of 200,000 soldiers from Khurasan and passed Iraq.  Whoever held responsibilities of the People, he led them astray and broke the Oath of Ameerul Moh’mineen Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him).


When Ameerul Moh’mineen heard about this, he sent a large army and made Hazrat Saad bin Abi Waqaas (may Allah be pleased with him), in charge of this army. That army which was in Iraq, Ameerul Moh’mineen sent an order to them that they must obey Hazrat Saad (may Allah be pleased with him). When Hazrat Saad (may Allah be pleased with him) reached with the Islamic Army, he found the Leader of the Opposition Rastam. The Battle between the both armies began. Hilaal bin Alqama Hishmi defeated Rastam and killed him. Hazrat Saad gave the whole wealth of Rastam to Hilaal. The value of this wealth was 70.000 dirhams. The value of Rastam’s hat was 100,000 dirhams. This also was given to Hilaal. Since the Commanding Chief was killed, the whole army scattered.  Hazrat Saad attacked them and they were defeated. Thousands of soldiers were killed. The Muslims gained a lot of wealth.


It is related that when the flag of the non-believers came into their hands, they brought all this, with the wealth, to Ameerul Moh’mineen Hazrat Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) and He distributed it among the Soldiers. Mowla Ali (karramallahu waj-hahu) receives a lion, as a share, which he sold for 10.000 Dinaars. After this, that Army of Rastam could not get together again.

The second Couplet is referring to that incident, Kashamli Ashaabi Kisra Ghayra Multa’imi. Just like the Army of Kisra, the Palace also could not be rebuilt.


وَالنَّارُ خَامِدَةُ الْاَنْفَاسِ مِنْ اَسَفٍ

عَلَيْهِ وَالنَّهْرُ سَاهِىْ الْعَيْنِ مِنْ سَدَمٖ





The Fire of the Fire-Worshippers sniffed the last breath of coolness and was extinguished forever. The Eyes of the Furat River stopped flowing from its Source.


At the time of the Sacred Birth of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him), the fire of the fire-worshippers, which had been lit for thousand years, in a breath of coolness, was extinguished.


The River Furat, which is near Kufa, on which Nowshirwaan had built a bridge over it, erected beautiful buildings around it. It left its value and fell in the ordinary valleys of River of Tibriya, which is in between Damascus and Iraq.


وَسَآءَ سَاوَ ةُ اَنْ غَاضَتْ بُحَيْرَتُهَا

وَرُدَّوَارِدُهَا بِالْغَيْظِ حِيْنَ ظَمٖ




The People of Sawa (a village in Persia) were astonished, to see the rivers going dry and returned to their homes, thirsty, in anger and grief.


This River Sawa is in between Hamdaan and Qam, which is in the Countries of Iraq and Persia. This river flowed from Sawa. Ships used to sail in it.  The People from here used to travel towards the towns Reh and Izra’at etc. The River was deeper than six meters. Its water was sweet and no other river water could be compared with it. On its banks were beautiful Markets.

The fire-worshippers used to regard this place as sacred and worshipped the fire.  When the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) was born, his motive was to destroy the practices of the non-believers. Since this was the headquarters of the non-believers that is why the water of this place dried up.


The River Tibriya was also such a place, which was full of idols, built and decorated with gold and silver. This place also dried up, at the time of the Sacred Birth, due to all these improper practices. Sawa was a very popular place, which still exists today.                                          

كَاَنَّ باِلنَّارِ مَابِالْمَآءِ مِنْ مبَلَلٍ

حُزْنًا وَّبِالْمَآءِ مَابِالنَّارِ مِنْ ضَرَمِ




Everywhere fires were extinguished with sorrow, as if the water itself boiled,with sorrow and grief.


In Tafseer Roohul Bayaan it is related that the first fire-worshipper was Kaabil (son of Sayyidina Adam alayhis salaam).

When he murdered his brother Haabil, Sayyidina Adam (alayhis salaam) through the Command of Allah had gone to Yemen. Kaabil left with his sister and Shaytaan said to him that the Sadqa of Haabil, the fire has accepted because he used to worship the fire, so you also worship the fire, so that it can protect you. So he started this fire worshipping. In this manner his children and their generation continued with this practice.


وَالْجِنُّ تَهْتِفُ وَالْاَنْوَارُ سَاطِعَةٌ

وَالْحَقُّ يَظْهَرُ مِنْ مَّعْنًى وَّمِنْ كَلَمٖ




The Jinns wailed and luminaries were seen everywhere. Truth was exposed through the Holy Quran and the Sayings of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him).


Difference between Jinn and Angels


The Jinns in comparison to Mankind are a Creation. There are created from the Fire. They are called Jinns because they are a hidden Creation.


In the Dictionary, whichever word begins with jeem and noon, that thing is specially used for hidden things i.e. Janin (Foetus) is that child which is hidden in the mother’s womb. The heart is also called Jinaan. That garden which is surrounded by four walls is also known by this name.


Though the Angels are hidden from the eyes, it is because of their Wonderful Beauty that they are hidden. If one had to see their Figure, then due to the Dazzling Noor, one is capable of losing the eyesight. Due to the Greatness of their Beauty, the senses may fail.


The Jinn possesses an ugly shape that is why it is through the Grace of Almighty Allah that it has been kept hidden. If one had to see it, one may die of fear or become mad.


They are three types of Jinnaats:

  1. Those that fly in the air with wings.
  2. Those that stay in the shape of snakes and dogs.
  3. Those that walk about like man.


The Researchers have written that just like in Mankind, there are different Religions; likewise the Jinns belong to different Religions. Among them, some are Jews, Christians, Fire-Worshippers, Non-Believers and some are Muslims. Some are Faithful, some addicted to pleasures and some are Wanderers. All are carefully executed with Commands.


Wal Jinnu Ta’tifu – Allama is referring to that incident, during the Sacred Birth of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) when the Jinns of the East told to the Jinns of the West and the Jinns of the West told to the Jinns of the East, the Glad Tidings about the Sacred Birth of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him). Before this many Devils also heard about the Glad Tidings.


Hazrat Maazan relates that his idol was in the City of Amaan. I heard this Glad Tidings from it in these words: Oh Maazan! Hear the Good News and express happiness that the Most Superior of Mankind will appear in the Tribe Mazar, with a Religion of Truth. These idols are made of rocks; leave them, so that you can gain freedom from Hell.


Maazan says: I heard this voice and was astonished.He heard another voice saying: Look this side and listen to that side and don’t be ignorant. This Prophet has come with the Just Laws.


In Shifa Sharief Sayyida Amina Khatoon (may Allah be pleased with her) relates: At the time of His Sacred Birth, such a Noor came out from my body, that I could see the Palaces in Syria.


In Lataahif it is related that the Noor appearing, was referring towards this Order that the Oppressions of the Disbelievers have come to an end. Now the Noor of Guidance will be appear everywhere i.e. the Holy Quran said:

قَدْ جَآءَکُمۡ مِّنَ اللہِ نُوۡرٌ وَّکِتٰبٌ مُّبِیۡنٌ ﴿ۙ۱۵﴾

Indeed from Allah, a Sacred Noor has come and an Enlightened Book.


عَمُّوْا وَصَمُّوْا فَاِعْلَانُ الْبَشَآئِرِ لَمْ

يَسْمَعْ وَبَارِقَة َالْاِنْذَارِ لَمْ تَشُمٖ





The Disbelievers became blind and deaf. They did not hear the Announcement of the Glad Tidings nor could see the terrifying lightning.


In this Couplet, is the question of Faith, that the Disbelievers, inspite of seeing the Proofs of Prophethood appearing, why did they not accept Imaan? So Allama replies that they were blind to accept Truth and deaf to listen to Guidance. That is why they did not listen to the Glad Tidings of the Arrival of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) nor did they see the terrifying Lightning.


Mowla Ya Swalli Wa Sallim Daa’iman Abadan

Alah Habeebika Khayril Khalqi Kullihimi.


مِنْ مبَعْدِ مَآ اَخْبَرَ الْاَقْوَامَ كَاهِنُهُمْ

بِاَنَّ دِيْنَهُمُ الْمُعَوَجَّ لَمْ يَقُمٖ





The Disbelievers became blind and deaf, after the Astrologers and Astronomers announced to them, that their Religions had now, become null and void.


The amazing thing is that they became blind and deaf, after their Astrologers and Astronomers told them that this crooked way of Religion, would no more exist now.


The Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) said: Whoever listens to the Astrologers is among those who refused to accept the Arrival of Muhammad (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him).


Allama Kharpoti (May Allah have mercy on him) said: This Order of Disbelieving is for those who follow it and regard it as Truth. Those who just question them, this Order does not apply to them.


Listening and Following the Astrologers


In another Tradition it is reported that whoever accepts the words of the Astrologers and Astronomers, then for forty days and nights, his Salah will not be accepted. Allama Ibn Maalik said that in both the Hadith, the confirmation is clear that whoever listens and follows the Astronomers and Astrologers is a Disbeliever. If he thinks that this person is predicting these things, through the assistance of some Jinn, since the Jinn listen to the Angels and come and tell him, then he is not a Disbeliever.


Prediction of a Jew.


In Mawahib it is related that Ummul Moh’mineen Sayyida Ayesha Siddiqa (may Allah be pleased with her) said: In Makkah there was a Jew who used to live there.


On the Morning of the Sacred Birth of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) he asked: Oh Quraishis! Has a child be born in your Family last night? All said that we do not know. He said go and see, as last night a child has been born, who will be the Prophet of this Ummat and He has a mark in between his both Shoulders. The Quraish returned and began to inquire about this child.  They discovered that a Beautiful Boy was born in the House of Hazrat Abdullah bin Abdul Mutallib. The Quraish went back to the Jew and told him everything.


He accompanied them and went to the House of Hazrat Sayyida Amina Khatoon (may Allah be pleased with her). He looked at the child and when he saw the mark in between the shoulders, he felt dizzy and said: Prophethood has left the Bani Israel. Oh Quraishi! The Oath of the Lord this Child will rule over the whole world. Very soon this news will spread, from the East to the West. There are many incidents of the idols testifying.


Raashid bin Abdullah said: There was an idol that was called Siwa in Qabahil. Once the Tribe Bani Zufrah sent me to place some offerings to this idol. I reached in the morning, when suddenly this idol began to say: I am amazed that a Prophet will appear, from the Family of Abdul Mutallib and He will make adultery, interest, slaughtering of animals in front of the idols illegal. Now the predictions from the Heaven will be stopped. Night Celestial will be thrown on us.


There was another idol nearby who was called Zamaar, due to fear; it began to say these things: Zamaar that worship will be discarded. Ahmad (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) is about to be born. He will give order to perform Salah, give Zakaat, keep Fast and be humble and Courteous to everyone.


The third idol that was nearby said: The Inheritor of Prophethood and Guidance after Sayyidina Isaah (alayhis salaam) will appear now in the Quraish. Such Prophet will appear who will predict the previous and following events to come.


There are many incidents like this, look at Hujjatullah Alal Ahlameen written by  Allama Nibhaani (May Allah have mercy on him).


وَ بَعْدَ مَاعَايَنُوْا فِیْ الْاُفُقِ مِنْ شُهُبٍ

مُّنْقَضَّةٍ وَّفْقَ مَافِیْ الْاَرْضِ مِنْ صَنَمٖ




Before the Disbelievers refused to accept the Prophet, shooting Stars were seen everywhere in the sky and idols fell face downwards, prostrate on the ground.


It is related that whenever Allah gave any Commands, the Angels used to hear it and make Tasbeeh. The Angels below them also used to make Tasbeeh, so the remaining Angels used to ask why they are making Tasbeeh and they were told about the Command.  In this way the Angels of this Heavens, used to come to know about it. The Shayaateen who used to be near the Heavens, used to hear this news and come and tell the Astrologers about it. So whatever right things, they foretold were correct and whatever false things they predicted, they used to add things to these Commands which were lies.These events took place during the era of ignorance.


When the Blessed Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) arrived, all these roads of the Shayaateen were closed. Due to the protection of the lightning of the Heavens they used to become disgraced. Due to this they used to have fear and not go there.


The Holy Quran says:

فَمَنۡ یَّسْتَمِعِ الْاٰنَ یَجِدْ لَہٗ شِہَابًا رَّصَدًا ۙ﴿۹﴾

But whoso now listens finds a flame of fire in wait for him.


The difference between Sanam and Wasan is that Wasan has a body, even if it a stick or a stone whereas Sanam is that picture which resembles a body.


In this Couplet Sanam was utilized because at the time of the Holy Birth of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him), all the idols (Sanam) which were erected on walls crumbled and fell on the faces. So we will have to accept that Wasan that had

bodies fell first.


In brief, this Couplet means that these captives and disbelievers were so blind and deaf, from the Path of Guidance that though seeing the falling stars from the sky, did not bring faith.


Flames from the Fire, were flung, on the Jinns and Shayaateen and they used to fall like how the idols were falling down on earth.


All these signs, the disbelievers saw with their eyes.


One of the greatest Signs of the Beloved Prophet’s (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) Holy Arrival was that when the Shayaateen desired to go up in the Heavens and hear Allah’s Secrets, flames of fire used to be thrown at them and they used to become disgraced.


At the time of His Holy Arrival, all the idols fell down. When Hazrat Abdul Mutallib went to the Kaaba he found the entire idol on the heads and from the main idol he heard it, saying these words: Oh Abdul Mutallib! You have seen that Blessed Birth, from which the East and West have been enlightened from His Noor. All the idols of this Universe have fallen on their heads and all the hearts of the proud Kingdoms are trembling due to his fear.


On the other side, the Palace of Kisra crumbled into fourteen pieces, the fire of the fire-worshippers, which was lit for thousand years, was extinguished and the sea of Sawa dried up. When Kisra saw this, he was very disturbed and he called all the Astrologers and asked them what was the reason, all these things were happening? They replied: We are helpless in answering this. Finally, a command was sent to Yemen to send an Astrologer as soon as possible, who can answer this question.


So they sent Abdul Maseeh bin Umar from the Tribe Ghasaani and he went and listened to everything.


He then replied: I am helpless in replying to this question but my uncle Sateeh Kaahin who lives is Syria, will be able to answer this question. The King sent him to Syria to find a solution but when he reached there, he found his uncle was on the deathbed. He greeted his uncle who picked up his head and said: Oh Abdul Maseeh! You have travelled on a camel and come at such a time when I am dying.  Oh Abdul Maseeh! The King of Sasaan has sent you, to inquire about the earthquake and droughts etc. Oh Abdul Maseeh! When the sea of Saawa dries up, and the dry watercourse of Samawa becomes green, then indeed the Seal of the all the Prophets has arrived. The Best of all the Religions will come from Him.

Regarding the stones of the Palace of Sasaan, the Kingdom will remain and only 14 kings will rule after this. After saying this he passed away.


After hearing this Abdul Maseeh told the King everything. He was not satisfied and he thought that it is still a long time to come, as 14 Kings will still rule after this period. Through the Power of the Lord, ten Kings changed hands within a period of four years. The four that remained ended during the Khilaafat of Ameerul Moh’mineen Sayyidina Usman (may Allah be pleased with him).


Hazrat Sawaad bin Qaarib (may Allah be pleased with him) relates: I was an Astrologer and a Jinn used to give me news. During the time of the Holy Birth of the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him), this Jinn came to me and said: Now I am helpless in giving any news because when we go to the Heavens, fireballs are thrown at us.


So you also leave this work and now go out and look for that Guide, who will lead you towards the Right Path? He will appear from the Tribe of Bani Looyee bin Ghalib and He will be calling everyone towards the Right Path.He will stop everyone from idol worshipping.


Hazrat Sawaad further says that he ignored this request twice but when the Jinn insisted for the third time, the Spirit of the Love of Islam was created in his heart. He immediately went to Makkah and met the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) and accepted Islam.


Mowla Ya Swalli Wa Sallim Daa’iman Abadan

Alah Habeebika Khayril Khalqi Kullihimi.


حَتّٰى غَدَا عَنْ طَرِيْقِ اْلوَحْىِ مُنْهَزِمٌ

مِّنَ الشَّيَاطِيْنِ يَقْفُوْا اِثْرَ مُنْهَزِمٖ




From the Path of the Revelations, the Shayaateen were disgraced and began to run away behind each another.


Flames of fire were showered on the Shayaateen and they could not go to the Heavens, to bring any news but had to run and save their lives. They began to fall over each other.


Allama Abdul Aziz Muhaddith Dehalwi (May Allah have mercy on him) writes that on whichever Shayaateen, these flames used to strike, used to get ruined and whoever used to get wounded used to become mad.



كَاَنَّهُمْ هَرَبًا اَبطَالُ اَبْرَهَةٍ

اَوْعَسْكَرٌ مبِالْحَصٰى مِنْ رَّاحَتَيْهِ رُمٖ




It was like the army of Abraha (the ancient King of Yemen who attacked and wanted to demolish the Kaaba), or the scattered regiment on whom the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) had thrown stones (Battle of Uhad).


Here Allama has given the example of the army of Abraha and also described the disbelievers of the Quraish. He describes that the Shayaateen ran from the flames in such manner, like how Abraha had come with the intention of destroying the Kaaba but was ruined through the Punishment of Allah. His followers dispersed and ran away.


Also the Shayaateen were worried, like the army of the disbelievers during the Battle of Badr when they confronted the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him).  He took some pebbles into His Sacred Hand, they could not bear its sight and rubbed their eyes and ran away.


Abraha and his Army


Abraha was the King of Yemen. Abyssinia etc. was under his possession. He was the Leader of the Ashaabeh Feel.


In Tafseer Ibn Kaseer it is related that when Abraha learnt that thousands of people during the month of Haj, go to Makkah for Pilgrimage, he was very angry.  Due to jealousy in order to stop this practice, he had a beautiful building built, in the city of Sinha He had the walls of this building decorated with gold, silver and expensive precious stones. He then commanded his followers to make Tawaaf of this building. During this period, a person from the Bani Kinaana was appointed to take care and clean the place. He urinated inside this building and ran away. After inquiring about this person, they discovered that he was from Makkah and had done this act, as a revenge.


Abraha was furious and made up his mind that as a revenge, he will cause disgrace to the Holy Kaaba. During this period, a caravan from Makkah, passed that building and they decided to camp near that building that Abraha had built. They lit a fire for their needs. Suddenly a strong wind appeared and the flames from this fire flew and reached that building and as a result, all the decorations on the building got burnt. This caravan, after seeing this incident, ran away.


When Abraha received this news and was told that this caravan was from Makkah, he became more furious, he commanded that immediately, a huge army must be assembled with elephants and soldiers. He sat on a huge elephant called Mahmood and left after his army had assembled in rows. When this army reached Taif, the Tribe Bani Saqeef, as a guide sent Abu Ghaal, to show them the way.  Abu Ghaal took them till Maghmas and died there. Abraha from here sent Aswad bin Maqsood to Makkah. He went there and looted the camels and goods of the people. He also took 200 camels of Hazrat Abdul Mutallib. After this Abraha sent Hanata Humayri to Makkah and commanded him to go to the leaders and give them this message that he had not come to fight with them but his mission was to destroy the Kaaba.


If you don’t come in the way, I will not cause any harm to you but if you refuse, then a battle will take place and you will be destroyed.


Hazrat Abdul Mutallib pacified Hanata that we do not want to cause any harm because it is our belief that this is the House of Allah and it was built by his Beloved Sayyidina Ibrahim (alayhis salaam). Now it is left to the Lord, to either protect this House or let it be destroyed. From our side, you do not have to worry about anything.

The messenger replied that you come with me and tell these things to Abraha himself. So Hazrat Abdul Mutallib accompanied him.


Hazrat Abdul Mutallib had a friend Zu Nasar who was from that army, when he inquired about him; he learnt that he was in prison because he had stopped Abraha from intending to destroy the Kaaba. So he went to the prison and met him and told him about his 200 camels. He apologized and told him that he was helpless to help, as he was in prison. He sent him to someone whom he knew called Unees and gave him a note as an introduction and requested him to assist Hazrat Abdul Mutallib in getting the 200 camels back. He told him that this person will take you to Abraha and you can speak to Abraha and request him to give your camel’s back.


So he went and met Unees who took him to Abraha. Unees told Abraha that this is the Leader of the Quraish and Chief of Makkah.


Abraha gave him a lot of respect, since he was very handsome and held a very high Status. He was very impressed after seeing him. Abraha got off his throne and sat near Hazrat Abdul Mutallib. After this he asked him what he wanted. Hazrat Abdul Mutallib replied that he had come for his 200 camels, which Aswad bin Maqsood has taken.


Abraha replied that after seeing him, he had a lot of respect for you but after listening to his request, his mind has changed. You have come to take your camels back and the House of the Lord, which is your belief and Religion, you are not worried about it.


Hazrat Abdul Mutallib replied: Oh King! The camels belong to me, as I am the owner that is why I have come for them, whereas I am not the owner of Kaabatullah. The Owner of the Kaaba is Allah; He is a better Protector of His House than me. That is why I have not come to intercede for such a Powerful Protector. Abraha replied: Okay take back your 200 camels and I will see which power will stop me from my mission. Hazrat Abdul Mutallib returned with his 200 camels to Makkah and informed the People of Makkah to go and hide in the mountains. You will be helpless in front of such a huge army.


Then Hazrat Abdul Mutallib got up and took some Quraishis with him and went to the Kaaba. He held the Cloth and made Dua for the safety of the Kaaba and asked for Victory. After this He took his companions and took refuge in the mountains.


Morning appeared and Abraha began to move towards the Kaaba and forced the elephant to proceed further and faster. Saqeel bin Habeeb caught the elephant’s ear, whose name was Mahmood and said: Though I am your trainer but today do not listen to my order, from where you have come, return back to that place because you are in the Sacred City of the Lord.


After hearing this, it dropped Saqeel from its back and Saqeel ran into the mountains. The soldiers hit that elephant a lot but it refused to pick up its head. When they made it move towards Yemen it began to run towards it. They tried to make it turn again towards Makkah and it refused to move.


They were still battling to make the elephant move towards Makkah, when suddenly a flock of birds (Abaabeel) appeared from the direction of the sea, through the Command of Allah. They each carried a pebble (size of a Masoor) in their beaks and a pebble in each claw. These birds pounced upon Abraha and his army and began to throw these pebbles. On whomever these pebbles fell, they were destroyed. In a short spell, there were heaps of dead bodies. Then a flood came and washed all the bodies into the sea. Those who got saved from the pebbles returned. Finally, they returned home disgraced and defeated. Abraha returned to Sinha without any friends and was trapped, in such a severe illness that all his body parts began to fall apart and in a few days he died.


In the Second line of the Couplet, the words Ow Askarun Bil-Hasa Mir Raahatayhi Rumi are used which are reflecting to that Miracle which were exposed during the Battle of Badr and Hunain.


The army of the Disbelievers confronted the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him). He meditated and took some pebbles and threw them towards the Kuffaar. Due to this, thousands of Kuffaar were blinded and they rubbed their eyes and ran away.


Mowla Ya Swalli Wa Sallim Daa’iman Abadan

Alah Habeebika Khayril Khalqi Kullihimi