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جس سہانی گھڑی چمکا طیبہ کا چاند

اس دل افروز ساعت پہ لاکھوں سلام


Jis suhaani ghari chamka Taiba ka Chaand

Us dil Afroz Saa’at pe Laakhon Salam


Millions of peace be upon the beautiful moment and the heart-enlightening time in which the Moon of Taibah shone



Taibah (Also Known As) Madinah Munawwarah:

Taibah (meaning, pure) is one of the blessed names of Madinah Munawwarah.  Though the olden name was Tathrib but Allah Almighty changed the name when the Holy Prophet – may Allah send peace and blessings upon him – migrated there, as the following Hadeeth reports:

اِنَّ اللّٰہَ تَعَالٰی سَمَّی الْمَدِیْنَۃَ طَابَۃَ

Allah Almighty kept the name of Al-Madinah Taabah (Both Taibah and Taabah have the same meaning).


Calling Yathrib is not allowed:

It has been narrated in Musnad of Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal from Sayyiduna Bara’ ibn ‘Aadhib – may Allah be pleased with him – that the Holy Prophet – may Allah send peace and blessings upon him – stated:

مَنْ سَمَّی الْمَدِیْنَۃَ بِیَثْرِبَ فَلْیَسْتَغْفِرِ اللّٰہَ، ھِیَ طَابَۃُ

Whoever calls Al-Madinah by the name of “Yathrib” must seek forgiveness of Allah, for it is Taabah.


The Holy Prophet – may Allah send peace and blessings upon him – has been reported to have stated the following in another Hadeeth:

مَنْ قَالَ یَثْرِبَ فَکَفَّارَتُہٗ اَنْ یَّقُوْلَ الْمَدِیْنَۃَ عَشَرًا

Whoever calls it by the name of “Yathrib” then his expiation is to say “Al-Madinah” 10 times.

(Al-Dhakhaair al-Muhammadiyyah p. 93)


Reason for naming it Taibah:

Imam Nooruddin has written concerning the naming of the city to Taibah as follows:

It is named Taibah from the root word “Al-Teeb” which means fragrance, and because every atom and the atmosphere of this city is fragrant, hence the name Taibah.


Imam Yusuf ibn Saalihi – may Allah be pleased with him – writes:

The residents of Madinah Munawwarah used to find a unique fragrance from its sand and walls which was unlike anything else.


The Fragrant Streets of Madinah Munawwarah where he set his blessed feet:

Whichever street the Holy Prophet – may Allah send peace and blessings upon him – walked past used to remain fragrant of the natural fragrance of his blessed body, and even today, after fourteen hundred years after his departure, the streets of Madinah Shareef and its atmosphere is still fragrant with his unique fragrance which is a means of ecstasy for the hearts of his lovers.


Allamah Yaqoot Hamwi writes:

It is one of many attributes that are exclusive to Madinah Munawwarah that its atmosphere is fragrant and it carries such a pleasant smell unlike any other anywhere else.


Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Haq Muhaddith Dehlvi – may Allah be pleased with him – writes:

The places of Madinah Munawwarah are still fragrant and take the lovers to a different level of ecstasy.


Taibah ka Chaand – The Moon of Taibah (The Blessed face of the Holy Prophet – may Allah send peace and blessings upon him):

Hazrat Sayyiduna Jaabir ibn Samurah – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates as follows:

It was a full moon night and the Holy Prophet – may Allah send peace and blessings upon him – was sleeping covering a red sheet.  I used to look at his face and then at the moon and then I had no control over the feeling of my heart that:

فَاِذَا ھُوَ اَحْسَنُ عِنْدِیْ مِنَ الْقَمَرِ

To me, his face was more beautiful than the moon.


As if the moon lost its beauty compared to his Jamaal as witnessed by his illustrious companions.


Hazrat Mulla Ali Qari – may Allah be pleased with him – writes as follows:

The light of his face was permanent and not derived from any other source whereas, on the other hand, the light of the moon is borrowed from the sun, therefore sometimes, it has light and sometimes it gets dim and there also comes a time when it doesn’t have any light at all.

(Jam’ al-Wasaail ala al-Shamaail Vol. 1, p. 47)

There are many other Ahadeeth where the Sahaba have called his blessed his face like the full moon.


The Time of his Birth:

He was born on 12 Rabiul Awwal Shareef, Monday, at the time of Dawn (its starting point) in the year, and according to the gorgoneion calendar, it was 21 April 571.

Such beautiful dawn was never experience and there will never going to be such an amazing moment in future as well, for this was the moment for the arrival of the Noor for the sake of whom, the entire creation came into existence and everyone was in anticipation for this moment to come.


Miracles at the time of his Birth:

Allah Almighty caused many a miracle to come to life so as to make the world aware of the arrival of the Final Prophet – may Allah send peace and blessings upon him.


His mother Hazrat Amina – may Allah be pleased with her – states that at the time his birth:

خَرَجَ مَعَہُ نُوْرٌ اَضَاءَ لَہُ بَیْنَ الْمَشْرِقِ وَالْمَغْرِبِ وَ اَضَاءَ لِیْ بِہٖ قُصُوْرُ الشَّامِ

Light dispersed from the east to west and in the light of this Noor the palaces of Shaam became visible to me.

(Tabaqaat Ibn Sa’d, Vol. 1, p. 102)


The mother of Hazrat Uthman Ibn Abi al-‘Aas – may Allah be pleased with her – states that she was there at the time he was born:

رَاَیْتُ الْبَیْتَ حِیْنَ وُضِعَ قَدِ امْتَلَاَ نُوْرًا رَاَیْتُ النُّجُوْمَ تَدْنُو حَتّٰی ظَنَنْتُ تَقَعَ عَلَیَّ

I saw that the whole house was lit up with bright light and the stars came so near the earth that I thought they would fall on me.


His mother Hazrat Amina – may Allah be pleased with her – states that at the time of his birth, Allah Almighty removed the veils in front of my eyes and I saw the entire surface of earth from the east to the west, and:

رَاَیْتُ ثَلَاثَۃَ اَعْلَامٍ مَضْرُوْبَاتٍ ؛ عَلَمًا بِالْمَشْرِقِ وَ عَلَمًا بِالْمَغْرِبِ وَ عَلَمًا عَلٰی ظَھْرِ الْکَعْبَۃِ

I saw three flags appointed; one in the east, one in the west and one on the roof of the Holy Ka’bah.

(Al-Anwar al-Muhammadiyyah p. 32)

Dil Afroz Saa’at (The heart-enlightening time [of Maulood]):

This was the moment which revived the dead hearts of people, as the Mufassiroon and Muhaddithoon have declared that the portion of night in which the Holy Prophet – may Allah send peace and blessings upon him – was born, is greater than Lailatul Qadr for various reasons:

  1. The night of Meelad is the one in which he was born and Lailatul Qadr was bestowed upon him, and by the medium of night it was bestowed upon him will be considered greater.
  2. Lailatil Qadr is great because a special group of angels descend on earth in this night but the night in which he arrived is even greater, for his arrival was the greatest mercy to descend.
  3. The excellence of Lailatul Qadir was exclusive to his Ummah but his physical arrival blessed every creation, for Allah Almighty send him as a mercy unto the universe.

(Al-Dhakhaair al-Muhammadiyyah p. 26)

It is for this reason that his Ummah celebrates the Day of Meelad as the day of Eid.