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Question posed to the Ulama of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama’at:

Are the Rawaafidh (Shias) Muslim or Kafir as per the view of the majority of AhleSunnat Scholars?  What is the ruling about reading Salah behind them and marrying them?



Rawaafidh differ in most belief-matters with one another therefore their position as a “Muslim” or “Kafir” will also vary; e.g. if a Raafidhi takes one of the Imams of Ahle Bayt to be superior to any Prophet then he or she will definitely qualify as a Kafir according to the majority of AhleSunnat, and Salah behind such individual and marrying them will become absolutely Haraam.

Likewise, if one approves the allegation against the Holy Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) of being sluggish in Propagating Islam or that he compromised (Taqaiyah) in this regard then such individual will be regarded as a Kafir.

Whoever approves the notion of the revelation of Wahy upon any member of Ahle Bayt or believes in any kind of interpolation in Quran by adding that some Sahaba committed such interpolation in Quran after the departure of the beloved Prophet (may Allah send peace and blessings upon him) then such an individual will become a Kafir.

In conclusion, whoever rejects any essentials of Islam (Dharooriyaat al-Deen) is absolutely a Kafir, and then only reading Kalimah of Tauheed and Risaalah, reading Salah facing the Qiblah direction will not suffice in order to qualify as a Muslim if one is persistent on rejecting any of the Islamic essentials.


Those Rawaafidh who do not reject any Islamic essentials but differ in other aspects of fundamentals; such as; rejecting caliphate of the three predeceasing caliphs (Sayyiduna Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman – may Allah be pleased with them) or speak ill of them and curse them etc. there is difference of opinion about the Kufr of such individuals.  Numerous jurists have passed the verdict of Kufr on them but the truth is that such individuals are not Kafir but rather Mubtade’ (Bid’ati or innovators, and therefore out of AhleSunnat Wal Jamaat) which is the preferred verdict of the well-researched Mutakallimeen (theologians – the Ulama who are well-versed in the faculty of Islamic belief system).


As for those of the Rawaafidh who share similarities with AhleSunnah in most fundamental beliefs but differ only in some Far’i (those things that are not fundamental and are of less importance than the fundamentals) issues; e.g. believing in the excellence of Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) over Shaykhain (Hazrat Abu Bakr and Umar – may Allah be pleased with them) in regards to his higher level of piety and closer proximity to Allah than the two etc. then such individuals are Bil Ijma’ not Kafir (by consensus) but rather on error due to opposing the view of the majority.


The verdicts about the latter two groups is that Salah behind the one who rejects the caliphate of the three predeceasing Caliphs and marrying them is Makrooh Tahreemi (disliked), while some cautious Ulama have declared it invalid.

Salah and marriage with the last group will be considered as Makrooh Tanzeehi.

Shifa of Qadhi Iyaadh, its commentaries by Mulla Ali Qari and Khafaji, Footnotes of Shaami and Sharhul Fiqh al-Akbar have perceived it as such.

The absolute knowledge is by Allah The Helper, The Greatest.

Poor (Allamah) Abdul Qadir Muhibbe Rasool, son of Maulana Fadhle Rasool Hanafi Qadiri Badayuni has authored it.



Endorsement of the Ulama of Badayun Shareef:

اَلْجَوَابُ صَحَّ The answer is correct:

Maulana Noor Ahmed Badayuni

Maulana E’jaz Ahmed Badayuni

Maulana Jameeluddin Badayuni

Maulana Sadeeduddin Badayuni

Maulana Faseehuddin Badayuni

Maulana Muhidd Ahmed Qadiri Badayuni

Maulana Fadhle Majeed Farooqui Badayuni

Maulana Ali Asad Badayuni

Maulana Ghulam Ghawth Ghawthi Abbasi Badayuni



Endorsement of the Ulama of Bareilly Shareef:

ھُوَ الصَّوَابُ  It’s correct:

Maulana Hidayat Ali Bareilwi

اَلْجَوَابُ صَحِیْحٌ The answer is correct:

Allamah Muhammed Naqi Ali Khan Bareilwi

صَحَّ الْجَوَابُ The answer is correct:

AlaHazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Bareilwi

اَلْجَوَابُ صَحِیْحٌ The answer is correct:

Maulana Muhammed Ahsan Siddeequi Bareilwi



ھٰذَا الْجَوَابُ صَحِیْحٌ This answer is correct:

The writing which supports this view is in Radd al-Muhtar as follows:

This makes it clear that if a Raafidhi belongs to the group who believe Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) to be God or hold the belief that Hazrat Jibreel made a mistake in delivering the Wahy or reject the companionship of Hazrat Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) altogether or allege Hazrat Ayesha (may Allah be pleased with her) to have committed adultery then such individual is a Kafir due to rejecting the Islamic essentials as opposed to the one who believes in the excellence of Hazrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) or speak ill of the Sahaba then such an individual will be regarded as a Mubtade’, not Kafir.

Maulana Muhammed Alam Ali Moradabadi