Download PDF: Sayyidah Rabi_a_s Refusal For Clothing

One day a person saw Sayyidah Rabi’a Basariyyah Radi Allahu ‘Anha with clothes that looked very old. He told her, “There are people that can arrange some nice clothing. Why do you not ask these people?”


She replied, “It is very embarrassing to me to ask an outsider. There is no doubt that the Divine Owner of this universe is Allah Almighty and everything has been given to this world as a loan or on a temporary basis. For me to ask someone who merely has these things as a loan or on a temporary basis is nothing but an embarrassment.” (Tadkiratul Awliyah, 55)




As much as a person is independent of the world, so much so is his respect in this world. However, when a person continues to stretch his hands in front of people, then he also loses his respect. At the same, the world is in the habit of running away from someone who looks and sounds helpless.


One of the reasons that our eminent Awliya were so respected is that they were independent of people and used to hide their needs from people. Whenever they were in the presence of rich and influential people, they used to speak with fear of repercussion. When people used to see this behaviour of theirs, people were naturally attracted to them and through this, people became nearer to Allah Almighty.


We should also educate our Muslim sisters of this type of behaviour when they are spreading Islam and the message of Islam.


When they find themselves in a situation wherein they have personal needs, then this should be hidden from people. Do not be greedy when it comes to asking people. If someone gives you a gift, then be in the habit of immediately giving that person another gift. In this way, no favours can be directed at you. In this manner, the common people will also be attracted to your message.


If a person acts opposite to this, then very soon, they will find that people do not behave in a very good manner with them.


We make Du’a that Allah Almighty make us independent of ordinary creatures so that we can attain immense status and respect. Aameen.