Download PDF: [S] Young man on a Strange Island

Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Haythim – may Allah be pleased with him – narrates from Hadrat Sayyiduna Abdullah bin Ghalib – may Allah be pleased with him – who mentions:


Once, I travelled with my friends on a sea voyage. As we were travelling suddenly we came across a strange looking island. As we stopped at the island, we noticed that it was completely barren and seemed to have no one living on the island. However, I had this strong urge that I needed to inspect this island even more closely. I was also thinking that maybe there was something unusual which I could find on the island.


As I began to walk on the island, at a distance, I noticed a small house. I also realized that there must be someone who lives in this house. I was convinced that there was something unusual about this island. I also made up my mind that I needed to meet the person who lives in this house.


I returned to my friends and informed them I needed to do something very important and whether they could agree to stay for the night on island and we could leave in the morning. All of them agreed to stay on the island for the night. I decided to go to the house and sit inside and wait for the owner to arrive.


As I stood outside, I decided to enter the house without permission to see what was inside the house. When I entered the house, I could that there was nothing inside the house except a small eating bowl and a small pouch which was used to carry water. Both of these items were also empty. Again, besides these items, there was nothing inside the house.


I sat on one corner of this house and waited for night to arrive. When night approached and there was darkness all around, I could hear the footsteps of someone approaching the house. I realized that this was the footsteps of a young man who was reading “Allah Akbar”, “Subhanallah” and “Al Hamdulillah” loudly as he walking towards the house.


Suddenly, I noticed a very handsome looking young man appear and his entire being was full of Nur. As he entered the house, he immediately began to read his Salaah. When he had completed his Salaah, he took the empty bowl which I had seen empty and began to eat something from it.


I was wondering what was inside the bowl when I had clearly seen that there was nothing inside. After a few minutes, in the same manner, he took the water bottle and began to drink from it although I had seen that there was nothing in the bottle at the beginning. I was watching him all the time in state of shock and surprise.


After eating and drinking, the young man made Shukr to Allah and again continued with his Salaah. In fact, he continued reading Salaah until the time of Fajr. Obviously, by that time, I could not restrain myself and decided to confront him. I also joined him in the Fajr Salaah. After he had completed the Salaah, he turned and looked at me and asked, “Who are you and how did you enter my house without permission?”


I then tried to convince him that I had no evil intent entering his house and my purpose was noble. I then mentioned to him that when I entered the house, the bowl meant for food was empty and the water bottle was also empty, so what did he actually eat and drink? When he heard these questions, he replied, “You have spoken the truth. The food and drink which I had from these utensils are nothing something that normal people would seek or search for.”


I then said to him that if he wished, I could bring him some fresh fish. He replied, “Are you inviting me towards wordily food?”


I then informed him, “O young man! This Ummah has not been given permission to do what you are doing. We have been commanded to perform Salaah with congregation, to attend the Masjid, attain the reward of performing Salaah with congregation, visit the sick, attend the Janazah of people and to seek for the good of creation. However, you have abandoned all of this and have chosen total seclusion. Therefore, you are robbing yourself of all these benefits and rewards.”


When he heard this, the young man replied, “Whatever you have mentioned, I perform all of these actions. There is a community nearby here who I take care of and also perform all the actions which you have spoken about.”


After saying this, he then wrote something on a piece of paper and lay on the ground. I was certain that he had passed away and when I went near to see him, he had actually passed away. When we dug a grave for him, his grave was full of fragrance. (Uyunul Hikaayah)


Who these people are; are only known to Allah Almighty and His beloved Prophet Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.