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Ahmed bin Ali Basir narrates that one day the Khalifah of Baghdad, namely Mutawakkil billah, called all the ‘Ulama to his court including Allama Ahmed bin Ma’dal. When all of these ‘Ulama had entered the court, only at that time did the Khalifah enter the court in his royal pomp and show.


When everyone saw the Khalifah entering the court, everyone stood up in respect except for Allama Ahmed bin Ma’dal. He continued to sit. When the Khalifah saw this, he called his close aid, Ubaidullah, and asked him angrily, “Has he not sworn loyalty and allegiance to me? Does he not accept me as the leader of the Muslims?”


Ubaidullah replied, “Why not! Yes indeed! His eyes is not that good and perhaps he did not notice you entering the palace.”


When Allama Ahmed bin Ma’dal heard this reply, he said in a loud voice, “No! I am not blind. However, I have saved you from the Divine Punishment of Allah. The reason is that the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – has stated that, ‘That person who likes that other people should stand up for him, then he should prepare for himself a place in the fire of hell.’”


When the Khalifah heard these words, he silently came towards the great scholar and sat next to him and did not say a word.


These incidents prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the ‘Ulama of the past did not fear any political power or force, When it came to speaking the truth, no amount of pressure could move them away.


This is also one of the reasons that many of these eminent ‘Ulama were killed by these tyrant rulers of their day. But still, it did not stop others from speaking the truth who came later.


Among these ‘Ulama was also the great Mujaddid of his period, namely Hadrat Shaikh Mujaddid Alif Thani – may Allah be pleased with him. This brave Saint and scholar stood like a rock against the evil teachings of Sultan Muhammad Akbar and even Sultan Jahangheer. He spent his entire life writing against these evil beliefs and also spoke extensively about the evil of these two Sultans.


During the era of Sultan Jahangheer, Hadrat Shaikh Mujaddid Alif Thani – may Allah be pleased with him – was a special target of insult by the Sultan. He was also called to the palace and Hadrat Shaikh Mujaddid Alif Thani – may Allah be pleased with him – was insulted in public on many occasions. However, on every occasion, his answers completely stunned the Sultan and he was speechless. However, in his greed for power, the Sultan also had him imprisoned in the fort at Ghawlior.


When Hadrat Shaikh Mujaddid Alif Thani – may Allah be pleased with him – saw the tyranny of the Sultan, he gladly accepted whatever punishment came his way and continued to speak bravely in support of the true teachings of the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah.


It is mentioned that he had thousands of Mureeds. In fact, some of the officials in the royal court were also some of his Mureeds. If he wanted, with one signal sign, he could have capsized the court of Sultan Jahangheer, but this was not his purpose in life. His mission in life was to support Islam and because of this, he wrote and spoke against the evils of Sultan Muhammad Akbar and Sultan Jahangheer. These were people who tried their level best to corrupt Islam to such a degree that it would become pleasing to the Hindu masses.


In fact some of their teachings were completely against the Shari’ah of Islam. When Sultan Jahangheer saw the reaction of people and noticed that most of them were displeased that he imprisoned such a great scholar, he came back to his senses and had Hadrat Shaikh Mujaddid Alif Thani – may Allah be pleased with him – released. He also called him to the royal court with great respect. He then pleaded for forgiveness and also became his Mureed. He also pleaded to the scholar to keep his son, Shah Jehan, in his company and also to educate him further. (‘Ulama Haq)