Download PDF: [S] The Zakaah of the Awliya

The Awliyah mention that among their spiritual lessons there are three types of Zakaah. The Zakaah of Shari’ah, the Zakaah of Tariqah and the Zakaah of Haqeeqah. In the Shari’ah, if there are forty Dirhams, one Dirham will be spent on the path of Allah. In the Zakaah of Tariqah, five Dirhams will be kept and the rest will be spent in the path of Allah. In the Zakaah of Haqeeqat, nothing will be kept for oneself and everything will be given away in the path of Allah. The reason is that a Dervish is someone who even sells himself. (Raahatal Qulub)


Hadrat Sayyiduna Baba Fareed – may Allah be pleased with him – mentioned, “This servant once went to meet Hadrat Sayyiduna Shahaabudeen Suhrwardi – may Allah be pleased with him. I also stayed in his blessed company for a few days. In all of these days, nearly six thousand Dinaars used to come to his blessed court every day, and every day this was distributed among the poor and needy and in the path of Allah. In the evening not one coin remained. He used to also say that if he kept anything for himself, people would not call him a true Dervish but a wealthy person who appears like a ‘Dervish’.” (Raahatal Qulub)


During their life time, the Awliyah were an embodiment of “Zakaah Haqeeqat”. There are certain people who say that a certain Wali has not gone for Hajj during his entire lifetime. What type of a Wali is this person? It is to be noted that Hajj is only applicable to those who can afford it. When the Wali has no money, why would Hajj be Fard on him? The Qur’an clearly states that Hajj is only Fard on those who have the means to go there and when these means are not found in a Wali, why would Hajj become Fard on him?


It is mentioned that once a famous scholar by the name of Ibn Bashaar came to visit Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Shibli – may Allah be pleased with him . As a matter of fact, he actually came to test the great Saint. He asked the great Saint that if someone had five camels, how much of Zakaah he will have to give. Hadrat Sayyiduna Abu Bakr Shibli – may Allah be pleased with him –remained silent.