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Hadrat Sayyiduna Shaqeeq Balkhi – may Allah be pleased with him – is regarded as one of the foremost Saints of his era. He narrates:


In 149 A.H. I decided to go for Hajj. We stopped at Qaadisiyah. I began to look at the members of the caravan. I also noticed that people had brought very expensive items on this trip. I then noticed a young man who was sitting at a distance, but he also had good clothing on him. He had a woollen shawl and he also wore nice shoes. He was also sitting away from the caravan.


I thought that this looked like one of those young Sufis of the period and he had left his house in a hurry. As I approached him, he looked at me and said, “Refrain from conjecture because many conjectures are sin.” He then awoke and left.


I thought that indeed this was a very pious young man because he had ascertained what I was thinking. I thought I will meet him and apologise. I went to see if I could meet him, but he had already disappeared.


At another place, I noticed this young man reading Salaah and the limbs on his body were also trembling and his eyes were weeping. I thought that it would be proper for me to allow him to complete his Salaah and I would then meet him. However, he sensed my thoughts and after Salaah, he again disappeared. By now I was convinced that this young man was certainly among the Abdaal.


I then met him in Mina. He was standing near a well with his water bottle and the bottle fell into the well. He then raised his hands and made Du’a and suddenly the water in the well began to bubble to the surface. He drank some water, made Wudu and began his Salaah. After the Salaah, he placed some sand in this water bottle and began to mix it. He was also drinking this as he went along.


I approached him and made Salaam. I asked him to make a special Du’a for me and also give me some of the leftovers from his water bottle. He then gave me the water bottle and it was filled with sweet liquid.


When he had completed the Hajj, I noticed that people were standing around him and greeting him with immense respect. I asked someone who this young man was and he replied that this was none other than Imam Moosa bin Imam Jafer Sadiq – may Allah be pleased with him. I then concluded that indeed such miracles can only emanate from the blessed household of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.” (Ar Roud Ar Riyaaheen)


There is no doubt that Allah Almighty has certainly blessed His special servants. Sadly, there are people who wish to separate the special servants of Allah from Him. However, on the Day of Judgement, these are the people who will be separated and placed in Hell. Only then, they will realise that all their so called Ibadah or Salaah was for nothing. The Awliyah are people who have spent their entire life in the Ibadah of Allah unlike the Munafiqs. Hence, how can they be separated from Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgement!