Download PDF: [S] Liars in their Speech

It is reported that there was once someone who was considered as extremely intelligent. He had the habit of answering any question instantly without thinking or pondering.


One day, his friends decided to test him whether in fact he was actually intelligent or not. They decided to ask him about the meaning of a word which they had personally made up and which in reality had no meaning. They asked him about the meaning of a word, “khan fi shaar”. In other words, it had the letters “kha, nun, faa, sheen, alif and raa.”


Without even thinking, the person began to explain that it was a special grass which was found in Yemen and one of the special qualities of this grass was that if an animal happen to eat this grass, it would not be able to give milk. In fact, to substantiate his argument, he even presented a poem which explained that, “your love has confused me to such a degree like the khan fi shaar grass has stopped the milk.”


He also mentioned that Daud Antaki had also mentioned this word in one of his treatise and another person had mentioned this word in another treatise. In fact, he also tried to explain that this word had appeared in the Hadith Shareef in the following manner, etc.


When his friend heard this, they said to him, “You are certainly a liar and should at least display shame when it comes to the blessed words of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.”


In this manner, it was proven that this person was nothing but a liar and he behaved in this manner so that people would consider him a great intellectual. We find that there are many people in this world who continue to spew out explanations of this nature and do it so speedily that it does not give the listener the time to even analyse what is being said.


This has become one of the traits of many speakers in the modern age. They speak for hours and people are amazed at the speed of their speech or the fancy words they are using but rarely do people actually analyse what is being said or mentioned. It is vitally important that we take cognisance of these people who are merely there as wolves in sheep clothing to steal our Imaan. (At Ta’aalim was Asaru ‘alal fiqr wal kitaab)


Another person of this nature was someone named Abu ‘Umar Az Zaahid who was known as the slave of Tha’lab. He was also well known for his memory.


One day, some people decided that they will test him and turn the word “Qan ti rah” upside down and make it “Har ta naq”. The actually meaning of “Qan ti rah” is a bridge.


When they appeared in front of him, they asked him the meaning of this word. Without hesitation, he began to explain the actual meaning of “Har ta naq.” As he began to explain the meaning of this word, his listeners could not stop laughing because they realised that they had asked him something which had no meaning whatsoever.


A few months later, they sent another person to him to again ask him the meaning of this word. And again, he gave the exact same meaning of what he had mentioned a few months earlier. Later on, people actually remarked that they were unsure of whether they should be amazed at his remarkable memory or his beautiful lies. (At Ta’aalim was Asaru ‘alal fiqr wal kitaab)


As we have mentioned, there are many people in the world today who talk and talk and yet their words have no basis or meaning or truth. But the remarkable thing is that people continue to listen to these people thinking that they are amazing scholars or giants of Islamic law when in reality they are nothing but professional liars and con-artists.