Download PDF: [S] Jafer’s Speech to King Negus

Hadrat Sayyiduna Jafer – may Allah be pleased with him – mentions that, “When we travelled to Abyssinia, fearing that we might remain in this country, a few people from Mecca Shareef followed us. They had also brought presents for the King. After giving these gifts to the King, they asked him to turn us over to them. However, the King replied that without first investigating this issue, he could not do so.”


The Muslims were then presented in his court and when they did so, Hadrat Sayyiduna Jafer – may Allah be pleased with him – spoke on their behalf. He told the King, “We were people that were steeped in ignorance. We were unaware of Allah Almighty and we were unaware of His Messengers. We used to worship stones. We used to eat animals that were not even slaughtered in the proper manner and committed all types of evil. The strong among us slaughtered the weak among us. In this state, Allah Almighty blessed us with a Prophet. He taught us how to be truthful and honest. He taught us piety. He taught us to worship One Divine Creator and prohibited us from worshipping idols. He taught us how to do good deeds and stopped us from committing evil deeds. He brought us the Qur’an in which we believed in and because of this our nation has turned against us and have begun to persecute us. We have arrived in your court in a state of helplessness and have been commanded to come here by our Prophet.”


The King then ordered them to recite a few verses of the Qur’an.


When Hadrat Sayyiduna Jafer – may Allah be pleased with him – began to read the Qur’an, Najaasi and all of his head priests began to weep uncontrollably. In fact, they wept so much that their beard became soaked with tears.


Najaasi then mentioned that these words and the words of Nabi Moosa – peace be upon him – had come from the same Divine Nur. He then refused to hand over the Muslims to the Meccans. In this manner, the delegation from Mecca were humiliated in this court. (Hikaayat As Sahaabah)