Download PDF: [S] His Clothing earned him Jannah

It is said that there was a once in Egypt a famous businessman whose name was Attiyah bin Khalf. Attiyah bin Khalf was once very rich and then suddenly became very poor and destitute. He reached such a state that besides the clothing he was wearing, he had nothing else.


When the day of Ashurah came, he went to the Jamia Masjid of Amar bin Aas to perform the Fajr Salaah. It is a common practise that on this day, the ladies also come to the Masjid to make Du’a of this special occasion. Attiyah bin Khalf person also stood on one side away from the females and also made Du’a.


Suddenly, a very poor lady with her child approached him and requested that he help her with something. She also mentioned that she had nothing in her house and wanted something which she could sell and buy some food for her and her child. The father of the child had also passed away.


This person thought to himself, “I am not the owner of anything and besides this clothing which I am wearing, I have no other clothing. If I give this lady this set of clothing, I would have no clothes in front of these people. However, if I do not help this lady, Allah Almighty and His Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – will also become unhappy with me.”


After thinking in this manner, Attiyah bin Khalf informed the lady that she should follow him to his house with the child. When they arrived there, he asked her to wait outside and he went into his house. He then found an old piece of cloth which was on one side of the house and decided that he would cover himself with this old piece of cloth and give the lady the clothes he was wearing. After doing this, Attiyah bin Khalf then handed his clothes to the lady while he still remained inside his house.


As the lady was leaving, she made a special Du’a for Attiyah bin Khalf which was, “May Allah allow you to wear Jannati clothing and not to make you reliant on anyone for the rest of your life.” When Attiyah bin Khalf heard this Du’a, he was very happy. Attiyah bin Khalf then remained in his house the entire day and night making the Dhikr of Allah Almighty and then fell off to sleep.


While Attiyah bin Khalf slept, in a dream he saw a very pretty looking lady standing in front of him with such beauty that he had not seen before. She was also holding an apple in her hand. Attiyah bin Khalf asked her who she was and she replied her name was “Ashurah” and that she was going to be his wife in Jannah. He then asked her how he had attained such a blessing and she replied that it was because he had helped the poor lady and her child the previous day. When Attiyah bin Khalf awoke, he was extremely pleased by this and made Du’a to Allah Almighty to take him away from this world as soon as possible.


Attiyah bin Khalf then made Wudu, performed two rak’ah of Salaah and gave thanks to the Allah Almighty. He then made Du’a, “O Allah! If my dream was true and that my wife in Jannah will be this person I had seen named ‘Ashurah,’ then call me back to your Divine Presence.”


It is reported that while he was making this Du’a, his soul was taken away and he passed away in this state. (Nuzhatul Majahalis, 1/223)