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Fadl bin Rabee mentions that once while they were returning from Hajj in the company of Sultan Harun Rashid, they met Hadrat Sayyiduna Bahlul Daana – may Allah be pleased with him – in Kufah. He was also standing on one side of the road and screaming.


Fadl narrates further:


I then said to him to keep quiet as the Khalifah was going past. When he heard my words, he remained silent. When the Khalifah came near him, he said to him, “O Khalifah! Listen to my words before going any further.”


The Khalifah stopped to listen to him. Hadrat Sayyiduna Bahlul – may Allah be pleased with him – then said to him, “O Khalifah! I was informed my Ayman bin Naa’il who mentions that he was informed by Hadrat Sayyiduna Qudaamah bin Abdullah Aamiri – may Allah be pleased with him – who mentions that he had seen Sayyiduna Rasoolullah – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – in the valley of Mina. He was riding a simple donkey. He did not hit the animal to go on this side or that side and neither (was a command given that) people should move on to one side.’” (Jamia Tirmidhi)


Advice of Hadrat Bahlul Daana – may Allah be pleased with him – to Harun Rashid.


Fadl bin Rabee mentions that the great Saint then continued to give Harun Rashid some advice which included, “O Ameerul Mo’mineen! Even if you attain rule over the entire world and everyone becomes subservient to you, is not your final destination the dark hole of the grave? When you are placed in the grave, people will continue to throw sand in your grave until you are fully covered. O Harun Rashid, bear in mind, those who have been given good looks and wealth and he has protected himself from sinning and has spent his wealth in the Path of Allah, then his name is recorded among the pious and good people.”


Fadl bin Rabee mentions that when the great Saint mentioned these words, Harun Rashid was under the impression that the great Saint was in need of money and he said to him, “O Bahlul! If you have any debt, kindly inform me of this so that I can repay it for you.”


However, the great Saint refused to entertain this and informed him that he should rather spend it on those who were more in need of it. The first thing that Harun Rashid needed to do was to protect his nafs and carnal desires. He was also informed that every person has only one life and when they die, there will be no return.


Harun Rashid then wanted to give him a monthly stipend and again he refused by saying, “I will not accept this. My Creator gives me whatever is in my share and does not rob me of anything.” (Uyunul Hikaayah)