Download PDF: [S] The Saint who was Fed with Food from Jannah

It is mentioned that once someone saw the greatest Saint of his era, namely Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Adham – may Allah be pleased with him – standing against a wall in Madina Shareef and weeping. The people were also going about their normal activities and no one noticed this Saint standing against this wall.


However, Hadrat Sayyiduna Sufyan bin Ebrahim – may Allah be pleased with him – noticed the great Saint. He approached Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Adham – may Allah be pleased with him,  also recited the Durood Shareef and greeted the eminent Saint. He asked the eminent Saint about the reason for his weeping.


Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Adham – may Allah be pleased with him – replied, “Nearly thirty years have gone by and I have had the urge and desire to eat Sabka, (this is special dish which is made from wheat, vinegar, sugar, meat, kishmish, etc.). Last night I saw a dream. In this dream, I saw a very handsome young man. I also noticed that he had a plate in his hand and there was steam coming from the plate. In this plate, there was also the smell of Sabka which I could sense. He then placed this in front of me and said, ‘O Ebrahim, please accept this.’ I said to him, ‘How can I eat something which I have left for the sake of Allah?’ He declared, ‘Even if Allah Almighty feeds you, are not prepared to eat?’ I could not give an answer to this except that my eyes filled with tears.


He again requested me to eat and made Du’a for me also.


I then informed him, “We have been commanded never to place our hand into something which we have no knowledge of.”


The young man replied, “Allah Almighty will certainly pardon you. This dish has been given to me by the Keeper of Jannah and it was told to me, ‘O Khidr! Go and feed Ebrahim bin Adham. The Allah Almighty has sent Divine Mercy to his soul and he has displayed immense patience and has controlled his Nafs. Therefore, O Ebrahim, it is Allah Almighty Who is feeding you and you are refusing. I have also heard that once the Angels mentioned that, that person to whom something is given and he does not accept it, there were will come a time when he will ask for something and he will not find it.’


Suddenly, another person appeared and instructed Khidr that he should feed me himself with his own hands. I then continued to eat from the hands of Khidr and when I awoke, I could still taste the food and the colour of saffron was still on my lips. I then went to the Zam Zam and gargled my mouth but still the taste remained in my mouth and the colour of saffron also remained on my lips.”


Hadrat Sayyiduna Sufyan – may Allah be pleased with him – then looked at his lips carefully and he himself could see the colour of the saffron. It is reported that while standing at that spot, he made Du’a to Allah using the Wasilah of Hadrat Sayyiduna Ebrahim bin Adham – may Allah be pleased with him. (Roud Ar Riyaheen)