Download PDF: [S] The Lady who Displayed Modesty

It is mentioned that once a lady named Umme Khallaad placed a covering over her face and presented herself in the blessed court of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him. She was inquiring about her son who was martyred in the path of Islam. As she was passing along the street, someone asked her, “You are inquiring about the state of your son to the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him – and yet you are in pardah?” This female replied, “If my son has passed away, that is so, however, my modesty has not passed away.” (Abu Daud, 1/336)


Only that person can fully understand the sadness and grief a person experiences when he or she has lost someone very close. It is also seen that sometimes in this state, our Muslim sisters go out of control and even seem to forget where they are at that moment. At times, they are oblivious of what they are saying and what they are wearing. Bear in mind that when a person loses their senses in this manner, they become uncontrollable.

However, this is the state of ordinary Muslims. As for the special servants of Allah Almighty, they have a different outlook in life and they also behave completely differently. No matter what type of difficulties used to visit them, they never lost control over their senses and their behaviour. This is clearly seen from the example of Umme Khallaad -may Allah be pleased with her.


In like manner, our sisters should also try to adopt the behaviour and the manners of these blessed sisters of Islam. If one displays patience and also makes sure that all Islamic etiquettes are being followed, there will be major reward for the person.


This behaviour of Umme Khallaad – may Allah be pleased with her – should also be a lesson for our Muslim sisters. One should remember her words very carefully which are that even though she has lost her son, she did not lose her modesty. This informs us that these blessed people used to always make sure that they practised proper pardah and Islamic dress.


It is a tragedy in the present time that things which earn the Divine Anger of Allah Almighty and the anger of the Holy Prophet – may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, those are things which some of our Muslim sisters have adopted.


We make sincere Du’a that Allah Almighty protect our Muslim sisters from these un-Islamic dress and behaviour. If only the Muslim sisters of the modern age could study the behaviour of the early Muslim sisters and adopt this behaviour it would certainly earn for them reward in both worlds.